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I teach in the Semester in Environmental Science (SES), a 15-week program in environmental science offered to students enrolled in colleges participating in the MBL Consortium in Environmental Science.

Recent REUs and Interns:
Emily de Moor
Maribeth Kniffin
Lisa Fung-Kee-Fung
Maíra Bezerra
Leia Crosby
Andrew Franks
Gennie Noyce
Lindsay Schwarting

Brown-MBL Graduate Students:
Shelby Hayhoe
Rachel Chelsea Nagy

I also serve on the advisory committees for:

Analisa Weiler, Department of Biology, University of Central Florida (M.S. degree). Annie studies the controls on native and non-native species abundance in sandplain grassland restoration experiments.

Claire O'Dea, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University (Ph.D. degree) Claire studies the vegetation dynamics of coastal Massachusetts coastal plain ponds.

Douglas Forbes, Department of Environmental Studies, Antioch University New England (M.S. degree). Doug studies responses of coastal sandplain vegetation to grazing on Naushon Island.

Science Writing
I teach MBL's Hands-On Science Journalism Program, a unique fellowship program that provides working science journalists with experience doing science. In 2008 this program will focus on the issue of polar environmental change and will be taught at Toolik Field Station on the North Slope of Alaska, where MBL leads the Arctic Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program. The Science Journalism Program has also brought journalists to the Palmer Station LTER in Antarctica.

Since January 1994 I have written a monthly column on ecology and conservation for The Enterprise, a newspaper in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Read blogs from the Science Journalism Program: Toolik blog.
Palmer Station blog

See "thrills" from this program:

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