K-12 Educational Programs


The MBL offers a wide range of programs and resources for K-12 students and faculty. Each program or service listed on this page can be used to supplement a curriculum, as extracurricular activities, fields trips, or to enhance the classroom experience. If you are interested in a particular program or service, please refer to the contact information listed on each web page.

For Faculty & Students:

  • Discover the Microbes Within!: The Wolbachia Project is designed for high school biology educators in an effort to modernize biology labs and lesson plans with discovery-based labs, biotechnology, and symbiosis.
  • Aquaria Sets – The Marine Biological Laboratory’s Aquatic Resources Division offers a selection of marine organisms for a 10-gallon aquarium. This collection of live marine organisms is an economical way for students to observe a mini-intertidal ecosystem of invertebrate life in your classroom.
  • Tours of the MBL – The MBL tour program is designed to provide an opportunity to see the MBL at work, and to understand current projects and future plans.

Other Partnerships & Educational Websites: