September 5, 2015

Workshop on Molecular Evolution


Course Date: July 19 – July 29, 2015

Deadline: April 6, 2015 | Online Application Form

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Director: David Hillis, University of Texas, Austin

The MBL’s Workshop on Molecular Evolution presents a series of lectures, discussions, and bioinformatic exercises that span contemporary topics in molecular evolution. The workshop encourages the exchange of ideas among leading theoreticians, software developers, and workshop participants. The workshop serves graduate students, postdoctoral students, and established faculty from around the world. The Workshop will use computer packages including AWTY, BEAST, BEST, FASTA, FigTree, GARLI, MIGRATE, LAMARC, MAFFT, MP-EST, RevBayes, PAML, PAUP*, STEM, STEM-hy, and SeaView to address the following topics:

  • Phylogenetic analysis: theoretical, mathematical, and statistical bases; sampling properties of sequence data; Maximum likelihood theory and practice; Bayesian analysis; hypothesis testing
  • Population genetics analysis using coalescence theory; maximum likelihood and Bayesian estimation of population genetic parameters
  • Databases and sequence matching: database searching: protein sequence versus protein structure; homology; mathematical, statistical, and theoretical aspects of sequence database searches; multiple alignment
  • Molecular evolution integrated at organism and higher levels: population biology; biogeography; ecology; systematics and conservation
  • Molecular evolution and development: gene duplication and divergence; gene family organization; coordinated expression in evolution
  • Comparative genomics: genome content; genome structure; genome evolution
  • Molecular evolution integrated at lower levels: biochemistry; cell biology; physiology; relationship of genotype to phenotype

Students will work with computer packages on their own laptops and have the opportunity to use the high performance computer clusters at the MBL.

2014 Course Faculty:
Beerli, Peter, Florida State University
Bielawski, Joseph, Dalhousie University
Dunn, Casey, Brown University
Edwards, Scott, Harvard University
Felsenstein, Joseph, University of Washington
Heath, Tracy, University of California, Berkeley
Holder, Mark, The University of Kansas
Huelsenbeck, John, University of California, Berkeley
Kubatko, Laura, The Ohio State University
Lewis, Paul, University of Connecticut
McTavish, Emily Jane, University of Kansas
Pearson, William, University of Virginia
Rokas, Antonis, Vanderbilt University
Swofford, David, Duke University
Yoder, Ann, Duke University
Zwickl, Derrick, University of Arizona

2014 Course TAs:
Landis, Michael, U. of California at Berkeley
Liebeskind, Benjamin, University of Texas at Austin
Wright, April, University of Texas at Austin