March 27, 2015

Summer Courses

The MBL offers advanced, graduate-level courses in embryology, physiology, neurobiology, microbiology, reproduction, and parasitology for six to eight weeks each summer.


Biology of Parasitism: Modern Approaches
Directors: Kirk Deitsch and Gary Ward
A unique course for advanced graduate students, postdocs, and independent investigators, who are seeking thorough training in modern approaches to the study of protozoan and helminthic parasites.


Embryology: Concepts & Techniques in Modern Developmental Biology
Directors: Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado and Richard R. Behringer
An intensive six-week laboratory and lecture course for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and more senior researchers who seek a broad and balanced view of the modern issues of developmental biology.


Frontiers in Reproduction
Lead Director: Mario Ascoli
Section Directors: Lane Christenson, Rafael Fissore, and Lawrence Reynolds
An intensive six-week laboratory and lecture course designed for advanced graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, newly independent scientists and physicians who seek training in modern state-of-the-art methods and a broad view of current concepts in all areas of reproductive biology.


Microbial Diversity
Directors: Jared R. Leadbetter and Dianne K. Newman
An intensive 6.5 week course for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and established investigators who aim to learn how to cultivate and genetically manipulate metabolically and phylogenetically diverse microorganisms. Students will also be exposed to state-of-the-art imaging and bioinformatic techniques used to study not-yet-cultivated microbes. Guest lecturers from a wide array of microbiology subfields will contribute to enhancing the intellectual richness of the course.


Neural Systems & Behavior
Directors: André Fenton and Hans A. Hofmann
An intensive eight-week laboratory and lecture course focusing on the neural basis of behavior, including the cellular and synaptic levels, sensory and motor systems, neurogenetics, and the analysis of complex systems. Intended for graduate students, postdoctoral students, and independent investigators who wish to gain a broad perspective on neural systems and how they produce behavior.


Directors: Graeme Davis and Timothy A. Ryan
An intensive and comprehensive laboratory-oriented course in cellular and molecular neurobiology intended primarily for advanced doctoral or postdoctoral students and for clinical scientists who have completed their residency training and are beginning independent research careers. Established investigators interested in acquiring expertise in areas of neurobiology beyond their own research specialty will also be considered.


Physiology: Modern Cell Biology Using Microscopic, Biochemical and Computational Approaches
Directors: Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Wallace F. Marshall, and Rob Phillips
An intensive laboratory course that provides a unique interdisciplinary training environment at the interface between cellular and computational biology. Students with backgrounds in both the biological and physical/computational sciences are encouraged to apply.


Special Topics Courses
These intensive educational programs, one to four weeks long, provide experience in specialized research techniques. Lecture and laboratory courses in topics of current interest are also available.