Brown – MBL Partnership Retreat and Symposium

Date(s) - 11/09/2013
8:00 am - 2:30 pm
Speck Auditorium

8:00 – 8:20 AM

8:30 – 8:40
Welcoming Remarks – State of the Brown MBL Partnership
Chris Neill, Director, Brown-MBL Partnership

8:40 – 12:15
Symposium – Imaging Across Biology

8:40 – 8:55
“A Century of Microscopy and Imaging at the MBL”
Rudolf Oldenbourg, Senior Scientist, Cellular Dynamics Program, MBL

8:55 – 9:10
“Light Field Imaging”
Mai Tran, PhD Student, Cellular Dynamics Program, Brown-MBL Partnership

9:10 – 9:25
“Imaging Life through the Behavior of Single Bio-molecules”
Tomomi Tani, Associate Scientist, Cellular Dynamics Program, MBL

9:25 – 9:40
“Quantitative Orientation – Independent Differential Interference Contrast and Polarization Microscopy”
Michael Shribak, Associate Scientist, Cellular Dynamics Program, MBL

9:40 – 9:55
“Imaging the Spatial Organization of Microbial Communities in the Human Mouth and Mammalian Gut”
Jessica Mark Welch, Assistant Research Scientist, Bay Paul Center, MBL

9:55 – 10:20
Coffee/Tea Break

10:20 – 10:35
“Brown’s High Performance Computing Environment for Image Analysis”
Jaime E. Combariza, Executive Director, Center for Computation and Visualization, Brown University

10:35 – 10:50
“Rhizosphere Life in the Swoosh and Ooze”
Zoe Cardon, Senior Scientist, Ecosystems Center, MBL

10:50 – 11:05
“Imaging Plants: From Cells to the Globe”
Jim Tang, Assistant Scientist, Ecosystems Center, MBL

11:05 – 11:20
“Characterizing Land Cover in a Global Breadbasket: Land Use Dynamics in Mato Grosso State, Brazil.”
Stephanie Spera, PhD Student, Earth Systems History Group, Geological Sciences, Brown University

11:20 – 11:35
“Visual Communication by Cephalopods and Scientists”
Lizzie Kripke, Undergraduate Student, Neuroscience and BFA, Brown/Rhode Island School of Design Dual Degree Program

11:35 – 11:50
“Science and Art of Scientific Illustration – Now in 3D”
Dmitry Mozzherin, Scientific Informatics Leader, Encyclopedia of Life, Ecosystems Center, MBL

11:50 – 12:15

12:15 – 1:30 PM
Lunch Break

1:30 – 2:30 PM
Exhibit of Microscope and Imaging Equipment Used at MBL, Past and Present (Lillie RM 103)
Organized by Rudolf Oldenbourg (MBL), with contributions from Shinya Inoué (MBL), Louie Kerr (MBL), Mai Tran (MBL), Jim McIlvain (Zeiss Inc.) and others

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