Brown-MBL Thesis Defense – Justine Allen – “Adaptive edge design for visual camouflage: Biomechanics of morphing 3D skin papillae in cephalopods and changeable cryptic body patterning in the slender filefish”

Date(s) - 03/24/2014
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Lillie 103

 Justine Allen, a Brown-MBL student working with Roger Hanlon, will defend her dissertation, “Adaptive edge design for visual camouflage: Biomechanics of morphing 3D skin papillae in cephalopods and changeable cryptic body patterning in the slender filefish.
Monday, March 24th
Brown University, 1pm
A video link to her presentation will be available in Lillie 103.
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