Semester in Environmental Science – Independent Research Symposium

Date(s) - 12/14/2012
Lillie Auditorium

8:20 – Dr. Josh Hamilton, MBL Chief Academic Officer
Introductory Remarks

8:30 – Joo Young Yim, Grinnell College
“Coastal Plastic Marine Debris: A substrate for vibrio bacteria in the open ocean”

8:45 – Kara Annoni, Univ. Minnesta Duluth
“Detection of wastewater plumes from the 15N isotopic composition of groundwater, algae and bivalves in West Falmouth Harbor”

9:00 – Kim Ohnemus, Skidmore College
“Effects of horseshoe crab bioturbation on sediments, benthic infauna and food availability to mummichogs in intertidal zones”

9:15 – Julia Adams, Wellesley College
“Impacts of eutrophication on resource utilization by benthic invertebrates of salt marshes”

9:30 – Katherine Anne Glover, Univ. of South (Sewannee)
“Impacts of eutrophication on resource utilization by salt marsh fish”

9:45 – Tanner Cunningham, Bates College
“Characterizing molecular and isotopic composition of epicuticular waxes in vegetation and sediment in Great Sippewissett marsh”

10:00 – Ashley Brooks, Bates College
“Using polysaturated fatty acid biomarkers to trace changes in diet of the ribbed mussel, Geukensia demissa, in the Great Sippewissett Marsh”

10:15 – 15 minute BREAK

10:45 – Michael Marty, Univ. of Puerto Rico
“Do nutrients change palatability and concentrations of anti-herbivory compounds in macroalgae”

11:00 – Alexandra Guest, Skidmore College
“Analysis of macroalgal biomass and nitrogen uptake by plants and animals along a land use gradient in southern Cape Cod watersheds”

11:15 – Maggie Notopoulos, Skidmore College
“What is the Nitrogen footprint for MBL?”

11:30 – Arianna Goodman, Oberlin College
“Does nitrate increase decomposition of salt marsh peats?”

11:45 – Jennifer Reeve, Haverford College
“Controls on nitrous oxide release in salt marsh ecosystems”

12:00 Luncheon

1:30 – Zach Pinto, Middlebury College
“Effects of biochar and basalt additions on carbon sequestration and fluxes of greenhouse gases in soils”

1:45 – Johanna Jensen, Colorado College
“Effects of species diversity on nitrogen uptake in grassland ecosystems”

2:00 – Elizabeth de la Reguera, Dickinson College
“The effects of human management on urbanized lawns”

2:15 – Shelly Xia, Franklin and Marshall College
“Changes in C and N cycling and greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural soils after addition of synthetic and organic fertilizers”

2:30 – Aliza Ray, Bard College
“The effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton and microbial community structure in microcosms”

2:45 – Ken Foreman, SES Program Director
Semester Retrospective

There will be refreshments and a celebratory awards ceremony after the symposium.

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