Falmouth Forum Archive 1989-2012


January 11, 2011
“The European Colonial Empires in Historical Perspective” – Wm. Roger Louis, Kerr Professor of English History and Culture, University of Texas at Austin – NOTE: TUESDAY SEMINAR

January 28, 2011
“Intimacy in the Piano Music of Schumann and Chopin” – Robert Wyatt, Steinway Artist and Director of Music, Highfield Hall, Falmouth

February 25, 2011
“Genocide and Problems of Identity” – Frances Deng, Special Advisor to the Secretary General for Prevention of Genocide, United Nations

March 11, 2011
“Pictures of the Brain Reveal the Structure of the Mind” – Nancy Kanwisher, Professor in the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT

April 14, 2011
Herman T. Epstein Endowed Memorial Lecture – “An Evening with Marge Piercy” – Marge Piercy, acclaimed author and poet – NOTE: THURSDAY SEMINAR

July 20, 2011
Special Summer Falmouth Forum Lecture in Bioethics – Sponsored by Drs. Gerald and Ruth Fischbach – “Escaping Melodramas: Reflections on the U.S. Public Health Service Unethical Research Studies in Tuskegee and Guatemala” – Susan Reverby, Wellesley College – 7:30 PM, Lillie Auditorium

November 18, 2011
“Missa Charles Darwin” – New York Polyphony, male classical vocal quartet – 7:30 PM, Lillie Auditorium

December 2, 2011
“Cape Cod Maritime History: First American Globalization” – David Nordlander, Library of Congress – 7:30 PM, Lillie Auditorium

February 3, 2012
“Latin America: Democracy and Its Discontents” – Joseph Tulchin, Visiting Scholar, Harvard University – 7:30 PM, Lawrence School, Falmouth

March 9, 2012
“The Arab Spring One Year After” – Ambassador Robert Pelletreau, former Ambassador to Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain – 7:30 PM, Lawrence School, Falmouth

March 16, 2012
“Poetry Reading: Imagination, Language and the Life of the Mind” – Herman T. Epstein Endowed Memorial Lecture – Jean Nordhaus, Washington D.C. area poet, teacher, author and editor – 7:30 PM, Lawrence School, Falmouth

March 30, 2012
“Honeybee Democracy (co-sponsored by the 300 Committee)” – Dr. Thomas Seeley, biologist and author, Cornell University – 7:30 PM, Falmouth High School



October 9, 2009
“Finding Your Inner Fish” – Neil Shubin, Associate Dean and the Robert R. Bensley Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago

November 6, 2009
“Our Water Our World” – Deborah Cramer, Visiting Scholar, Earth System Initiative, MIT

December 4, 2009
“Athletes–today’s role models good or bad?” – Carl Beane, “The Voice of Fenway”

January 8, 2010
Herman T. Epstein Endowed Memorial Lecture – “Starting at Standing Rock: Following Custer and Sitting Bull to the Little Big Horn” – Nathaniel Philbrick, author of Pulitzer Prize finalist, Mayflower

January 22, 2010
“Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Two Works in Progress: Over the River, Project for the Arkansas River, Colorado; The Mastaba, Project for The United Arab Emirates” – Christo

March 5, 2010
“The Big Dig or The Big Pig?” – Dan McNichol, award-winning author of The Big Dig and The Roads That Built America

November 19, 2010
“Archaeology in Deep Water” – Brendan Foley, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering, WHOI


October 12, 2007
“Among the Stars: The Life of Maria Mitchell, Astronomer, Educator, Women’s Rights Activist” – Margaret Booker, Freelance writer and museum professional

December 7, 2007
“Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder” – David Weinberger, Author, consultant and Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society

January 4, 2008
“Susan B. Anthony, the Invincible!” – Sally Matson, Actor/educator brings the life of the famous women’s suffrage activist to the stage

January 25, 2008
Herman Epstein Endowed Lecture – “Making Fiction from Fact: The Writing of People of the Book” – Geraldine Brooks, Winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her novel March

February 8, 2008
“An Overview of the First Year & Looking Ahead” – Ian Bowles, Secretary, Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

March 7, 2008
“The Media and the Presidential Campaign” – Lance Morrow, Award-winning essayist for TIME magazine and author of eight books


October 13, 2006
“Hurricane Katrina: Wake-up Call and Lessons for Cape Cod” – Arthur Adelberg, senior counsel for special investigation, Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

October 17, 2006
” ‘This I Believe’ and the Power of Shared Story” – Jay Allison, award-winning independent radio producer, founder of WCAI and WNAN public radios on the Cape and Vineyard

December 1, 2006
“Health Information: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” – Donald Lindberg, M.D., Director, National Library of Medicine

January 19, 2007
“Arab Women’s Dilemmas with Democratic Reform” – Andrea Rugh, Adjunct Scholar with the Middle East Institute in Washington, D.C.

February 9, 2007
“The Pathos of Bubonic Plague in Italy (1500-1800) Depicted Through Art” – James Welu, Director, Worcester Art Museum and Richard Glew, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, UMass Medical School

March 15, 2007
“From Ragtime to Riches: the Life of George Gershwin” – Robert Wyatt, Smithsonian lecturer and pianist – NOTE: Thursday Lecture


November 4, 2005
“The US and The UN: Can This Marriage Be Saved?” – Gillian Sorensen, Senior Adviser, United Nations Foundation

December 2, 2005
“The Meaning of Birds in Art” – Peter Stettenheim, Author, Ornithologist, Zoologist and Editor

January 13, 2006
“The Historical Evolution of Jazz Music” – Charles Cassara, Professor, Berklee College of Music

March 3, 2006
“Coastal Lands Through Time: Historical Insights to the Conservation of Natural and Cultural Landscapes” – David Foster, author, ecologist and Director of the Harvard Forest

March 17, 2006
“Four Ways to Tell the Story of the Buddha” – David Eckel, Associate Professor of Religion, Boston University

April 7, 2006
“Corruption in Our Governments: What Can and Should We Do?” – Prof. Clyde McKee, Trinity College, Hartford, CT


October 29, 2004
“Making Democracy: What We Can Learn from Mexico” – Julia Preston Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The New York Times and co-author, with Samuel Dillon, of OPENING MEXICO: The Making of a Democracy

January 7, 2005
“U.S.-Arab Relations and the al Jazeera Factor” – William Rugh, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Yemen

January 28, 2005
“Shipwrecks and Seamonsters – An Underwater Photojournalist’s World” – Brian Skerry, contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine specializing in the marine environment

February 11, 2005
“Khrushchev: The Man and His Era” – William Taubman, 2004 Pulitzer Prize winner for a distinguished biography or autobiography by an American author

March 4, 2005
“America in a Dangerous World” – H.D.S. Greenway, Columnist, Boston Globe

March 25, 2005
“Visiting the Family: Rare Primates of the World” – Connie Rogers, author and book editor; frequently writes about travel and primates for The New York Times


October 10, 2003
“Emma’s War: A True Story of Love and Death” – Deborah Scroggins, Award-winning journalist and author

December 5, 2003
“Challenges for the United States in the Middle East” – Robert Pelletreau, Asst. Sec. of State for Near Eastern Affairs (1994-1997)

January 16, 2004
“The Unknown History of Bohemia” – Mary Gluck, Brown Univeristy
The talk will explore the cultural origins of the well-known images of Bohemia as a distinct social and cultural space and will ask why modern artists have tended to see themselves as antagonists of bourgeois life and conventions.

February 6, 2004
“The Heights of Absurdity, or the Quixotic Life of an Artist in Troubled Times” – Pat Oleszko, Performance Artist. Guggenheim Fellow, Rome Prize Fellow, American Academy.

April 16, 2004
“Covering All My Basses: How I became a Professional Musician” – Benjamin Levy, Double-Bassist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

April 30, 2004
“When Smoke Ran Like Water” – Devra Lee Davis, Author Devra Lee Davis will discuss her book (a National Book Award nominee, 2003), When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales of Environmental Deception and the Battle Against Pollution.


September 20, 2002
“Improvising Mozart”
Robert Levin, Dwight P. Robinson, Jr. Professor of Humanities, Harvard University

November 8, 2002
“Presidential Leadership in a Time of Crisis”
Theodore C. Sorensen, Former Special Counsel and Advisor to President John F. Kennedy

November 22, 2002
“The Muslim World Beyond Arabia”
Ambassador Walter C. Carrington, Former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, and the Republic of Senegal

January 10, 2003
“Experiences of an American Ambassador to Iceland”
Ambassador Day O. Mount, Former U.S. Ambassador to Iceland

February 14, 2003
“European Views of U.S. Foreign Policy”
Ambassador Jürgen Kleiner, Former German Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan; Professor of International Relations, Boston University

March 7, 2003
“Understanding Genes”
Nancy Hopkins, Ph.D., Amgen, Inc. Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

April 11, 2003
“Dear Author…Dear Actress: The Love Letters of Anton Chekhov and Olga Knipper”
Anne Scurria, Trinity Repertory Company actress, and her husband, actor Barry Press, present an original readers theatre piece of their own creation.


October 5, 2001
“Why I Sing in the Shower”
Keith Lockhart, Conductor, Boston Pops Orchestra

October 19, 2001
“Memoirs of a Geisha—The Making of a Novel”
Arthur Golden, Author

December 7, 2001
“An Evening with Norm Abram”
Master Carpenter and host of The New Yankee Workshop

January 18, 2002
“The Great Powers and the East Mediterranean World”
Erik Goldstein, Ph.D., Chairman and Professor, Department of International Relations, Boston University

February 1, 2002
“Around the Other Round Stone Barn—The History, Restoration, and Relevance of the Hancock Shaker Community”
Mary Rentz, Past-President, Board of Trustees, Hancock Shaker Village

March 1, 2002
“Osteoporosis: The Research Frontier – Hopes for a Cure”
Bjorn R. Olsen, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Cell Biology and Oral Biology;
Chairman, Harvard-Forsyth Department of Oral Biology, Harvard University


December 18, 2000
“A Family’s Adoption of Eight Children of Three Different Races”
Aaron Lazare, M.D.

January 26, 2001
“The Sulzbergers: Owners of the New York Times and America’s Most Powerful Family”
Alex Jones, Director of the Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, JFK School of Government, Harvard University

April 13, 2001
“It’s All About Music: Presenting It, Performing It, and Listening To It”
Walter Pierce, Boston Impresario and Music Director and Margaret Ulmer, pianist

June 4, 2001
“Eyewitness to Power”
David Gergen, Author, Commentator, Presidential Advisor, Professor JFK School of Government, Harvard University

July 24, 2001
“An Afternoon with David McCullough”
David McCullough, author


November 5, 1999
“The Role of the Cinematographer in Making Films”
David Quaid, Asc, Director of Photography (feature films, documentaries, tv commercials)

December 3, 1999
“Money Laundering: or how to be taken for a bath in Russia”
Marshall Goldman, Associate Director of the Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard Davis Professor Emeritus of Russian Economics, Wellesley College

March 23, 2000
“In Search of King Arthur”
Bernard Cornwell, Author

April 7, 2000
“Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II”
John Dower, Professor of History at MIT and author of Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II, winner of the National Book Award for Nonfiction.

May 12, 2000
“An Evening with John Silber”
John Silber, Chancellor of Boston University, former chair of the Massachusetts Board of Education and 1990 democratic nominee for Governor of Massachusetts


October 30, 1998
“The Biology, the Beauty and the Fun of Orchids”
Maurice Sussman, retired Professor of Molecular Biology, owner of some 600 orchids.

December 11, 1998
“Different Guitars, Different Music— a lecture and performance”
John Damian, Professor, Berklee College of Music

January 15, 1999
“Portraits: East and West”
Miriam Braverman, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

February 12, 1999
“How to Make an Opera”
Alice Goodman, Librettist

March 19, 1999
“The Bible and the Constitution: Original Intent vs. Development of Doctrine”
Jaroslav Pelikan, Sterling Professor Emeritus of History, Yale University

April 21, 1999
“Film as an Art Form”
Vlada Petric, Professor of Cinema & First Curator, Harvard Film Archives, Harvard University


October 3, 1997
“Truthfulness and Deceit in Public Life”
Sissela Bok, philosopher and author

November 21, 1997
“The Role of a Child’s Temperament in its Development”
Jerome Kagen, Psychology Department, Harvard University

January 9, 1998
“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Situation Comedy”
Marty Nadler

February 27, 1998
“Your Privacy: What Is It and What Difference Does It Make to You?”
Janna Malamud Smith , Author, Private Matters

March 6, 1998
“Ezra Laderman and the Yale Opera”
Ezra Laderman, Composer and Dean, Yale University School of Music (along with his Yale students)

April 2, 1998
“How to Save a Dying City”
Diana Balmori, Landscape Architect, Balmori Associates


November 22, 1996
“A World of Artists: A Collector’s Adventures”
Sinclair Hitchings, Keeper of Prints, Boston Public Library

December 20, 1996
“The Care and Feeding of An Audience”
Songs and Conversation with singer/songwriter, Livingston Taylor

January 17, 1997
“Emerson: The Mind on Fire”
Robert Richardson, Jr., author

February 7, 1997
“What’s Your Opinion”
Majorie Pritchard, Boston Globe Op Ed Editor

March 7, 1997
“Architecture: An Art of Response”
Cesar Pelli. Architect


November 17, 1995
“The Generalist in Cyberspace, or New Media and Old Humanity”
Christopher Lydon, WBUR’s host of “The Connection”

December 1, 1995
“What is Life?”
Lynn Margulis, University of Massachusetts Biologist and Author

January 26, 1996
“Déjà vu All Over Again”
An evening of songs and stories by Waldo Fielding and Sue Bennett Fielding, featured singer, Hit Parade

March 1, 1996
“Winslow Homer and Me”
Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr., John Moors Cabot Curator of American Paintings, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

April 26, 1996
“The Return of Ezra Laderman and Friends”
Ezra Laderman, Composer and Dean, Yale University School of Music (along with his Yale students)


November 11, 1994
“Battle of the Bulge—The Brave Rifles”
A Presentation and showing of the Academy Award Feature Film Documentary written and produced by Laurence Mascott

November 18, 1994
“Writing in the First Person: The Education of a Writer”
Tracy Kidder, author

December 9, 1994
“The Private Lives of Our Public Figures: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt”
Doris Kearns Goodwin, Author

January 20, 1995
“The Ghost of Woodrow Wilson”
Gaddis Smith, Director, Yale Center for International Studies, Yale University

February 3, 1995
“Only A Game”
Bill Littlefield, Commentator, Author, and host of WBUR’s “Only a Game”

April 28, 1995
“A Musical Encore, Ezra Laderman and Friends”
Ezra Laderman, Composer and Dean, Yale University School of Music (along with his Yale students)


November 12, 1993
“Free Speech: Only for the Powerful?”
Anthony Lewis, Pulitzer Prize Winner and New York Times Columnist

December 10, 1993
“Managing Ospreys and Barn Owls on Martha’s Vineyard”
Gus Ben David, Director Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

January 21, 1994
“An Evening of Jazz: Female Vocalists on the American Scene”
Jan Shapiro, Vocals and Narration and Steven Sussman, Piano, Berklee School of Music

February 25, 1994
“How to Tell a Proton from a Crouton or, If U Cn Rd Ths, U Undrstnd Scne”
Judith Stone, Contributing Editor, Discover and Glamour Magazines

March 11, 1994
“Thinking about Self Esteem”
Peter Kramer, Author, Listening to Prozac

April 1, 1994
“Adventures in Understanding the Oceans Aboard a Tall Ship”
Rafe Parker, Executive Director, Sea Education Association


October 2, 1992
“The Effects of Science and Politics on the Temperature of the Earth”
George M. Woodwell, President and Director, Woods Hole Research Center

November 20, 1992
“My Life in the Art World”
Olga Hirshhorn, Art Collector and donator of the Hirshhorm Museum and Sculpture Garden a the Smithsonian Museum

January 15, 1993
“Why Your TV Set Has Turned into a Night Light and Other Hollywood Tales”
Marty Nadler, Hollywood Comedy Writer

February 12, 1993
“Gorbachev is Gone: Will Yeltsin be Next?”
Marshall Goldman, Associate Director of the Russian Research Center at Harvard University

March 12, 1993
“Society and the Economy in New England: Where are They Going and What Can We Do About It?”
Ira A. Jackson, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of External Affairs and Marketing for the Bank of Boston Corporation

April 9, 1993
“Encore! A Musical Evening with Ezra Laderman and Friends”
Ezra Laderman, Composer and Dean, Yale University School of Music (along with his Yale students)


November 15, 1991
“Stresses and Supports for Parents in the ’90s”
T. Berry Brazelton, Pediatrician

December 6, 1991
“Tales about Heads”
A demonstration and lecture by Woods Hole Sculptor, Elaine Pear Cohen

January 17, 1992
“The Museum of Science: Its Role in Addressing Science Literacy”
David W. Ellis, Director, Boston’s Museum of Science

February 28, 1992
“Everything I Need to Know is on Fire”
Colin McEnroe, Humorist and Columnist for The Hartford Courant

March 6, 1992
“The Great Presidential Campaign of 1948: The Incredible Truman Upset”
David McCullough, Narrator, Author and Historian

April 10, 1992
“Another Musical Evening with Ezra Laderman and Friends”
Ezra Laderman, Composer and Dean, Yale University School of Music (along with his Yale students)


November 30, 1990
“What Went Wrong with Perestroika”
Marshall Goldman, Associate Director of the Russian Research Center at Harvard University

December 7, 1990
Reading from Lucifer’s Child
Julie Harris, Actress

January 18, 1991
“The Adventures of Alvin, WHOI’s Submersible”
Victoria Kaharl, Science Writer

February 15, 1991
“The Legacy of Buckminster Fuller”
Gregory Watson, Commissioner of MA Dept. of Food and Agriculture & Executive Director, New Alchemy Institute

March 8, 1991
A Reading from Annie Dilliard, Author Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

March 22, 1991
“Ezra Laderman and Friends”
Ezra Laderman, Composer and Dean, Yale University School of Music (along with his Yale students)


November 17, 1989
“A Writers Search for the Soul of Science”
Chet Raymo, Boston Globe

December 1, 1989
“Is America Ready for a Humane and Affordable Health Care System?”
A Panel Discussion featuring:
Horace P. Deets, AARP Executive Director; John Collins, former Boston mayor; Dr. Leonard Laster, University of Massachusetts Medical School Chancellor; Dr. Langdon Burwell, retired Falmouth physician

January 26, 1990
“Themes from an American Life: Harry S. Truman and His Times in Words and Music”
Author David McCullough with pianist Ed Wise

February 9, 1990
“The North Pole Legacy: Black, White, and Eskimo”
Dr. Allen Counter, Director of the Harvard Foundation and Explorer

March 9, 1990
“The U.S. Government as Patron: Can the Arts Endure Public Support?”
Anne Hawley, Director of the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

April 27, 1990
“Energy and the Environment in the Twenty-First Century”
Marvin Miller, MIT Nuclear Engineer