March 28, 2015

Board of Trustees Committees

As of January 1, 2015

Executive Committee
Robert Zimmer, Chair
William Huyett, Vice Chair
Tom Crane
Paul Dupee
James Galloway
Jeffrey Pierce
Charles Rosenthal
Huntington Willard, President & Director

Academic and Campus Strategy Committee
James Galloway, Chair
Robert Ament
Colleen Cavanaugh
Rita Colwell
Robert Haselkorn
David Hibbitt
Eric Isaacs
Ethan Lerner
Patricia Robertson
Dyann Wirth

Audit Committee
Tom Crane, Chair
Paul Dupee
David Greene
David Hibbitt
John McCarter
George Putnam
William Speck

Development Committee
Jeffrey Pierce, Chair
Millicent Bell
Patrick Gage
Walter Massey
Saul Pannell
George Putnam
Walter Salmon
James Sharp

Nominating/Governance Committee
Charles Rosenthal, Chair
David Fithian
William Huyett
John McCarter
Edward Owens
John W. Rowe
William Speck