January 27, 2015

To Register and Apply for Housing:

Welcome to Housing at MBL!

NOTICE: New Policies and Procedures beginning 2015.

Individuals wishing to reserve MBL housing, throughout the year,  must first complete an MBL Registration form, MBL housing is not available without an approved Registration.  The Housing Application will be sent to you upon your approval by the correct MBL Department.  MBL course Students  automatically receive housing upon acceptance to a course, no application is needed.  For those of you who are not sure of the process please contact the housing office directly and we will be happy to walk you through the process. Please contact us at 508-289-7431, 508-289-7213, or housing@mbl.edu.


2015 Registration  Forms:

We are currently installing a new Housing reservation system.  Your Registration form will not be approved until the system is ready, after Jan 15.  As soon as the system is operational, your registration will be approved and you will receive the link for a Housing application.  We appreciate your patience and know that once operational, we will begin the housing assignment process.

Please register with the correct MBL department, i.e., Research& Programs, Education, Center, Library for acceptance, and you will then be sent a Housing Application.

  • Visiting Scientists to Whitman Center- (Lab deadline is December 15. Deadline is March 1 for summer housing) To be filled out by Principal Investigators, Research Associates, Research Award Recipients, Grass Fellows, Postdocs, Research Assistants, Technicians, and Graduate Students working in a lab.
  • Faculty/Staff  (Deadline is March 1 for summer housing.) To be filled out by all those related to MBL courses. ie Course Directors, Course CoDirectors, Course Lecturers, Course Faculty, Course Coordinator, Teaching Assistants, Course Assistants.
  • Center Visitors (Deadline is March 1 for summer housing) To be filled out by anyone visiting the following: The Bay Paul Center, Ecosystems Center, and Bell Center (includes National Xenopus Resource, Cellular Dynamics, and Sensory Physiology)  .
  • Library Visitors  (Deadline is March 1 for summer housing) To be filled out by those registering in the library.
  • MBL Invited Guests  (Deadline is March 1 for summer housing) To be filled out by those registering to visit administrative offices such as Director’s Office, External Relations, Communication, Financial Services, Human Resources, Facilities and would like to request housing.
  • Vendor Faculty   (Deadline is April 24) This registration  should be selected by those who are vendor faculty working with Martha Peterson.

Undergraduates  – Link under construction

If you are not sure which form you should be submitting, please contact the Housing Office at 508-289-7431 or 508-289-7213, housing@mbl.edu.  We will be happy to answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate department form.

We begin accepting online applications and making assignments on January 1 each year.

For Summer Housing:  the Deadline for receiving applications is March 1. Submission of an application DOES NOT guarantee housing. (Students accepted to MBL courses do not need to submit an application.)

Because summer demand is high and housing is limited, only students participating in MBL courses are guaranteed housing each summer. All other housing assignments are made on a space-available basis according to a user category established by the MBL and in the order in which they are received.

Summer  Assignment Tiers /Categories (Please refer to this list to determine your category)

Applications received after March 1 will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. Only those registered and affiliated with the MBL’s summer and resident research programs, MBL courses, and the Library will be considered for housing.

MBL Society members may reserve MBL housing for one week annually as availability permits. Due to high demand from course and research activities, housing is generally not available to Society Members between June 15 and August 15. Society Members may also sponsor an MBL visitor.  Contact the housing office directly for details.

Housing applications from individuals with overdue MBL accounts will not be considered until the bill is paid in full.

Questions about the housing application process can be directed to: Deb Deering, Housing Coordinator, 508-289-7213 or housing@mbl.edu.

See the Assignment Process page for more information.