Reporting of Injury/Accident

Most accidents are preventable by eliminating one or more causes. However, a few incidents—minor and major—may still occur. It is important that your supervisor and the Environmental Health & Safety Office are aware of accidents and “near misses” in order to correct a potential major hazard.

The following basic guidelines are to be followed when any accident occurs:

1. First aid comes first! Before you worry about reports and forms, be sure that you get medical attention if you need it. Medical help can be as simple as a bandage or as complex as a life-saving trip in an ambulance. Your health is the first concern.

2. Report the accident to your supervisor or another supervisor if your supervisor is unavailable. Report all injuries (even first aid cases), all accidents with potential for injury, property and/or product damage incidents and all “near misses” where there was potential for significant injury or property loss

3. Complete the Worker’s Compensation Injury/Accident Report within 48 hours. The Supervisor should sign the report and send to the Safety Office. A copy should be sent to Human Resources whenever there is an injury, no matter how minor.