February 13, 2016

EEO Goals

Because MBL receives funding from government grants and contracts, MBL’s EEO Coordinator is required by law to prepare an Affirmative Action Plan each year. The purpose of the Plan is to ensure equal employment opportunities for minorities and females in all MBL hiring and promoting practices. The goals of the Plan are important in helping you, the Supervisor, make employment decisions that comply with MBL policy and government regulations.

During the initial phase of the hiring process, MBL expects Supervisors to interview candidates that, by their applications, offer the best qualifications and experiences for the position available. Then, from those candidates, MBL expects Supervisors to choose the most qualified person, regardless of race or gender. However, if there are top candidates of equal qualifications and a choice must be made, and if that position is for a job for which an affirmative action goal has been set, then the federal government mandates that preference be given to the candidate who is minority and/or female.

At the end of the interviewing process, you are expected to record in SimpleHire, MBL’s electronic application system, the criteria you used in making your hiring decisions. This information is used in MBL’s Affirmative Action Plan as well as by the U.S. Department of Labor to verify that MBL is making good-faith efforts in meeting the goals established in the Plan.

Analysis of MBL’s 2014 Affirmative Action Plan has shown that the category of Science Professionals (Research Assistants II & III, Scientific Informatics Analysts, and Senior Research Assistants) does not have the requisite number of minorities expected based on recent regional census data.  The data indicates 32.6% of the employees in this category should be minorities so MBL has set a formidable goal to reach or exceed this percentage when hiring new Science Professionals.

To retain a diverse staff, please give some thought to new places where the Human Resources Office might advertise available jobs in your department that would increase opportunities for minorities and females and contact Susan Hoffman in Human Resources with any specific suggestions (x7378 or eeo@mbl.edu).

Thank you for supporting MBL’s Affirmative Action Plan.