February 6, 2016

How to Hire a New Employee

1.    If you have not already done so, obtain a user account for the MBL’s online employment system by going to mbl.simplehire.com/hr (without the www.) and clicking on “Create User Account” from the left side.  Enter all required information and submit for approval.  HR will review the request and you will receive an email notifying you when you have been approved.  If you work in a scientific center, work with your Center/Program Administrator to post the position.

2.    Log onto mbl.simplehire.com/hr and click on Create a New Staff Posting under shortcuts on right hand side. Use either the “Create from Position Type” (for a new position) or “Create from Posting” (from a prior posting) form. Complete the posting by entering all relevant information and continue to add any posting specific questions.  During this process you should also add a Guest User.  This will allow others to use this User ID and password to review the applications for this specific position.

3.    The posting will then be reviewed by HR, the EEO Officer and the CFO.  You will be notified by email that either revisions must be made or it has been approved for posting.

4.    HR will post the position for the minimum required 5 business days.

5.    You will be notified by email when new applicants have applied for your position.  To view applications log into SimpleHire and click on the posting title.  Click on “applicants” on tab at top, then on the blue box on left hand side that says “Open Saved Search”.  Choose “Active Applicants” from the drop down box that comes up.

6.    To view the application double click on person’s name.  After reviewing the application you may either decide to interview the person or that the candidate does not meet the requirements for the job.  Click on orange box in right hand corner and change
“status” from the drop down box.

7.    Schedule interviews (after developing interview questions that are job related – Sample Interview Questions), conduct interviews (Interviewing Guidelines) and determine top candidate.

8.    Check three references of top candidate.

9.    Discuss prospective hire with Director of HR and determine procedure to offer position.

10.    To complete a hiring proposal, open the application for chosen candidate.  Change status of applicant chosen to “recommend for hire”.  The applicant must be in an interviewed status to see this option.  Do not access any status in the HR Only section.  In top right hand corner a green button with “start hiring proposal” will appear.  Click on this and enter information requested, generally start date should not be less than 2 weeks in the future unless approved by Director of HR.  For temporary employees please include end date.  There is a comments box for notes where needed, such as multiple cost centers.  HR will approve the hiring proposal, change status of candidate to “offered job” and close the position so that no more applicants can apply. HR will prepare and send an offer letter and other information to the candidate, including the I-9 form which lists ID documents that must be presented on the first day of employment.

11.    Once HR receives the signed offer letter from the candidate they will mark the position as filled which generates an email to all other candidates thanking them for applying and encouraging them to apply again for future positions.  HR will let the supervisor or Center/Program Administrator know when the letter has been received and the confirmed start date.  Approx. a week before the start date an appointment should be set up with the HR Coordinator for an orientation appointment for the new employee.