February 11, 2016

Orientation checklist for new hires

Before the employees first day HR should:

  • Set the employee up in the MBL Card system
  • Schedule a benefits orientation

Before the employees first day the hiring center should:

  • Notify IT of new hire and provide list of any required software/hardware or telephone needs
  • Prepare employee work area
  • Identify MBL employees with similar responsibilities to help the new employee through the first days/weeks.
  • Make lunch plans for the employee’s first day
  • Add the new employee to the center/department organization charts, telephone lists, mailing lists, website, etc.

On the employees first day HR will:

  • Complete the required I-9 (employment authorization)
  • Notify payroll, arrange setup of time sheet password

On the first day, the center/department should:

  • Introduce new employee to co-workers
  • Give tour of work area including restrooms, kitchen, copiers, supplies, and emergency exits
  • Give brief tour of campus
  • Give employee keys to their office/lab
  • Bring the new employee to DPC for MBL Card
  • Bring the new employee to Swope for a parking sticker
  • Provide instruction regarding mail, e-mail, voice mail
  • Take picture for website or other department purposes

Within the first month, the center/department should:

  • Schedule Safety training with the Safety Office
  • Provide the employee with the job description discuss expectations
  • Review MBL/center/department mission, policies, procedures
  • Review MBL policies including:
    • attendance
    • overtime needs and approvals
    • holiday and vacation pay
    • sick time and FMLA
  • Introduce employee to HR page on MBL website for additional information/resources