Marine Biological Laboratory Policy Manual

About the MBL Policy Manual:

This manual provides MBL staff with the guiding policy documents for many areas of the Marine Biological Laboratory. While every attempt is made to keep this manual up to date, all policies, procedures, and practices are subject to periodic review, modification, deletion or replacement. This manual is to be considered informational only. It is not intended to create any express or implied contractual or other legal rights.

If you have questions about specific policies, please contact the office referred to at the end of each policy for full, current policy statements and clarifications.

Table of Contents

A.1 Director’s Office
A.1.1 Policies and Procedures for Unfunded Scientists
A.1.2.1 Policies and Procedures for Scientific Appointments and Promotions -Track I Scientists
A.1.2.2 Policies and Procedures for Scientific Appointments and Promotions – Track II Scientists
A.1.2.3 Other Scientific Appointments
A.1.3 Research Units at MBL
A.2 EEO Policies
A.2.1 Illegal Harassment
A.2.2 Drug Free Workplace
A.2.3 Incorporated into A.2.4 March, 2004
A.2.4 Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Diversity
B.1 Environmental, Health, and Safety
B.1.1 Safety Shoe Allowance
B.1.2 Chemical Waste Disposal Policy
B.1.3 Sharps/Biological Waste Disposal
B.1.4 Transite Removal
B.1.5 Bicycles in Buildings
B.1.6 Incorporated in D.2.4, October, 2004
B.1.7 Diving at the MBL
B.1.8 Chemical Safety
B.1.9 Radiation Safety
B.1.10 Consumer Wastes
C.1 External Affairs
C.1.1 Fundraising Policy
C.1.2 Corporation & Foundation Grants and Gifts Stewardship
C.1.3 Naming Opportunities and Endowed Funds
C.2 Communications office
C.2.1 Retirement Party and Gift policy
D.1 Facilities, Services, and Projects
D.1.1 Pets in the MBL Workplace
D.1.2 Winter Storage and Vacating Laboratory Space
D.1.3 Moved to Housing F.1.3 February, 2004
D.1.4 Keys
D.1.5 Parking
D.1.6 Incorporated into D.2.4, March, 2005
D.1.7 Posting Notices on Doors
D.1.8 Flag Policy
D.1.9 Lillie Corridor Storage
D.1.10 Facilities Improvements and Maintenance
D.1.11 Moved to Housing F.1.4
D.1.12 Surplus and Disposal of MBL Materials
D.1.13 Storm Closing and Notification Procedure
D.1.13.1 Essential Personnel: Winter Storm Conditions
D.1.14 Skateboarding
D.1.15 Authorized Access Areas
D.1.16 Use of MBL Radios
D.1.17 Violence Prevention
D.1.18 Use of Video Security Monitoring Systems
D.2 Transportation Services & Grounds
D.2.1 MBL Storage Box Movement Program
D.2.2 Shipping/Receiving Policy
D.2.3 Bicycle Storage and Locker Room Use
D.2.4 Driver and Vehicle Use
D.2.5 MBL Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Policy
D.3 Plant Operations and Maintenance
D.3.1 Refrigeration and Refrigerants
D.3.2 Bulletin Boards in Hallways
D.3.3 Incorporated into D.1.10, March 28, 2005
E.1 Financial Services
E.1.1 Grants Accounting and Compliance
E.1.2 Abandoned Property
Purchasing Policy
Unrestricted Operating Budgets, Policies and Procedures Manual
F.1 Housing, Conference, Switchboard
F.1.1 Housing Policy
F.1.2 Lead Paint in Housing
F.1.3 Winter Storage in Cottages
F.1.4 Washers/Dryers in Cottages
F.1.5 Year-Round Temporary Housing
G.1 Human Resources
G.1.1 Performance Reviews
G.1.2 Probationary Periods and Regular Status
G.1.3 Attendance and Punctuality
G.1.4 Disciplinary Procedures
G.1.5 Leaves of Absence
G.1.6 Sick Time
G.1.7 Vacations
G.1.8 Grievance Policy
G.1.9 Smoke Free Environment
G.1.10 Family and Medical Leave Policy
G.1.11 Post Retirement Medical Policy
G.1.12 Alcohol Policy
Procedures for Implementing the MBL Alcohol Use Policy G.1.12
G.1.13 Holiday Policy
G.1.14 Employment-Based Hiring and Sponsorship Of Visas For Foreign Nationals
G.1.15 Bereavement
G.1.16 Jury Duty
G.1.17 Employment of Family Members
G.1.18 Salary Basis
G.1.19 MBL Code of Conduct
G.1.20 Allegations of Misconduct
G.1.21 Alternate Work Arrangements
G.1.22 CORI Policy
G.1.23 HIPAA Policy
G.1.24 Background Check and Reference Policy
G.1.25 Domestic Violence Leave Policy
G.2 Contract between the Hospital Workers Union and the MBL
H.1 Library
H.1.1 Information on Library Gifts-in-Kind
H.1.2 Procedure for Book Collection Development
H.1.3 Use of Materials from the Rare Books Room
H.1.4 Removed February, 2004
H.1.5 Circulation Policy
H.1.6 Access Policy
H.1.7 Special Collections Policy
H.1.8 Archival Policy
H.1.9 Access for Archival Records
H.1.10 Records Management
H.2 Information Technology
H.2.1 Accounting System Security Policy
H.2.2 IT Password Policy
H.2.3 Network Security Policy
H.2.4 Purchasing of Computer Resources by MBL Staff and Researchers
H.2.5 Areas and Levels of Support for Computer Services
H.2.6 Telecommunications Policy
H.2.7 Telephone Account Codes and Credit Cards
H.2.8 Email Attachments
H.2.9 Written Information Security Policy
J.1 Marine Resources
J.1.1 Hurricane Preparedness
J.1.2 Rowe and Loeb Sea Water Tank Room Policy
J.1.3 MR Usage Policy
J.1.4 Collection Support Facility Operating Policy
J.1.5 At Sea Vessel Waste Disposal Management
J.1.6 Purchasing Policy for Living Organisms
J.1.7 Squid Fee
J.1.8 Living Organism Supply
J.1.9 Non Indigenous Species
K.1 Offices of Research and Education
K.1.1 Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures
K.1.2 Policies/Procedures on Scientific Integrity
K.1.3 Conflict of Interest Policy
K.1.4 Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
K.1.5 Incorporated into G.1.12
K.1.6 MBL Protection of Human Subjects
K.1.7 Visiting Investigator Space Rental
K.1.8 Research and Education Building Access Approval
K.1.9 Mentoring Program for Scientists