Authorized Access Areas

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. D.1.15


Initiated by: Facilities, Services and Projects Director
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:June 5, 1996
Revision: Reconfirmed, March 28, 2005

1.0Policy Statement:
It is the MBL policy to allow only authorized personnel into restricted areas. This includes all roofs, mechanical rooms, and shops.

1.1Access, when allowed, requires an escort from the Plant Operations and Maintenance staff.
1.2Placing material on the roof has created problems in the past, both to the physical plant and personnel safety, therefore only building mechanical equipment properly mounted is allowed.
1.3Unrelated equipment placed in mechanical rooms can interfere with operating conditions and maintenance and should therefore not be placed in these rooms.

2.0Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Facilities office.