Authorized Maintenance and Facilities Improvement

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. D.1.10


Initiated by:Facilities, Services and Project Manager
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:July 11, 1990
Revision: #2, March 28, 2005

1.0Policy Statement:
Maintenance and Facilities improvement activities are the responsibility of the maintenance staff assigned to the Plant Operations and Maintenance Department (POM). Necessary maintenance and facilities improvement can be requested by anyone associated with the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), but actual hands on labor is to be performed by, or supervised by, POM only.

This policy applies to the following trades and areas of applicability.

POM is responsible for all electrical systems and components in the electrical distribution system up to and including electrical power outlets. Devices plugged into electrical outlets are not the responsibility of POM under this policy. Assistance beyond the outlet can be provided upon request.

Devices that are to be connected directly to the electrical distribution system (hard wired) must be connected under the supervision of POM and be performed by a Massachusetts licensed electrician.

All electrical systems and component maintenance activities shall be performed under the supervision of a Massachusetts licensed electrician.

POM is responsible for all plumbing systems and components up to and including valves. This pertains to piped in water, gas, and vacuum. Devices attached to these systems are not the responsibility of POM, but assistance can be provided upon request.

All maintenance activities performed on plumbing systems shall be done under the supervision of POM and a Massachusetts licensed plumber.

2.3Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R)
Except where provided with local controls such as thermostats, all maintenance and control of HVAC/R will be performed under the supervision of POM.

2.4Sea Water Distribution
POM is responsible for all sea water systems and components up to and including sea water tables. Tubes for local distribution or control of sea water is not the responsibility of POM. Routine cleaning of sea water tanks is the responsibility of the user. The exception is the MRC where responsibility for sea water distribution within the MRC resides with the MRC staff.

Electrical devices used in the vicinity of sea water are not the responsibility of POM, but the application should be checked with POM. Electrical devices should only be plugged into circuits equipped with Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI’s) when used near sea water. (see Section 2.1 above)

Laws and accepted standards used in maintenance and facilities improvement are the responsibility of POM. As such, no work can be allowed without POM supervision.

Employees of the MBL that perform maintenance and facilities improvement activities without permission and supervision of POM and the appropriately licensed trades personnel are subject to disciplinary action including termination. Penalties for such activities by non MBL employees will be determined based on their status at MBL. Students, for example, may be barred from the MBL facilities.

4.0Requests for Services
Anyone associated with MBL can request services via e-mail address to with Work Request as the subject heading, or by calling extension x7776. The preferred method would be e-mail, allowing us hard copies of your request. POM will review, assign appropriate priority level and dispense to appropriate craftsperson. We try and complete the task within a 2 week timeframe. Our priority is set by the following: Saftey, Science, then MBL Departmental requests. If we feel your requests can’t be handled by us in a timely manner, we will bring in outside contractors. Because of the above mentioned priority listing, your request may be reprioritized, should this happen we will contact you.

5.0Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Facilities office.