Bulletin Boards in Hallways

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. D.3.2


Initiated by:Superintendent, POM
Approved by:Manager, Facilities, Services and Projects, MBL President/Director
Date:October 6, 1993
Revision: #1, February 28, 1996
Updated:  April 2013


1.0Policy Statement:
Bulletin Boards in hallways outside of individual laboratories are appropriate ways to display and communicate the current work of that laboratory. To protect the integrity of the wall surface and to provide uniformity of presentation, the MBL has established some general guidelines about placement and use of bulletin boards.


2.1The bulletin board is to be mounted on the wall by staff from Plant Operations and Maintenance.
2.2The bulletin board is to be of standard shape and form established for the building.
2.3Attaching of posters, literature, etc. to the walls by other means is prohibited because it mars the painted surfaces.

3.0Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Director of Facilities.