Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. H.1.5


Initiated by:Director, MBLWHOI Library
Approved by:MBLWHOI Library Joint Users Committee, MBL Director/CEO
Date: February 2, 1996
Revision: #1, February 13, 2004
Distribution: All users of the MBLWHOI Library

1.0Policy Statement:
Patrons holding a valid MBLWHOI Library card may borrow, renew or recall MBLWHOI Library books or request materials from other libraries participating in the Virtual Catalog. Serials, special collections, archives and rare books do not circulate.

Use of the Library card indicates the patron’s agreement to observe all library policies, which are designed to serve all users generously and equitably. The MBLWHOI Library card is not transferable. Patrons are responsible for all materials charged against their cards and may be billed replacement costs for lost Library materials or lost Library cards.

MBLWHOI Library does not retain patron circulation information once an item has been returned. Likewise, Library staff are prohibited from revealing the names of individuals who have checked out items. The staff will recall materials from other patrons on your behalf.


2.1Books must remain in the vicinity of Woods Hole and are subject to immediate recall. Library books may not be taken out to sea or locked in unstaffed offices.
2.2Primary patrons may sign books out for the duration of their affiliation with an MBLWHOI Library participating institution or up to one year, whichever comes first. Books are subject to immediate recall at any time.
2.3Short term patrons may sign out books up until their date of departure with a 15-item limit.
2.4Persons holding temporary/guest borrowers card issued by Boston Library Consortium or BioSciences Information Synthesis Collaborative member libraries, as well as persons not affiliated with the Woods Hole scientific community, may use materials onsite only. Such patrons may request books via the Virtual Catalog (where available) or through the Interlibrary Loan unit of their home institution or public library. There may be fees associated with the loan of MBLWHOI Library materials.
2.5Journals do not circulate except by special arrangement with the Assistant Library Directors or Library Director.

3.0Policy and Procedural Updates:
Policy clarification and procedural updates are available from the MBLWHOI Library.