Collection Support Facility

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. J.1.4


Initiated by:Facilities and Services Manager, and Director, MRC
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:June, 1993
Revision:# 1, September 22, 1993
Distribution:Superintendent, ARD; Director, MRC; MBL Safety office; MBL Diving Safety Officer.

1.0Policy Statement:
The Collection Support Facility (CSF) is equipped with a SCUBA facility designed and built principally for use of the Aquatic Resources Department (ARD). The needs of the ARD will take priority over other usage. However, some of the facility will be available to the MBL Community.

2.0Use of facility

2.1All use of the SCUBA facility is predicated upon Certification by the MBL’s Diving Control Board. Any exemptions/exceptions will only be granted on an individual basis by the Diving Control Board. No one is allowed to use the Facility without approval, including filling air tanks.
2.2Approved and designated personnel will be allowed to fill air tanks. Only tanks with current VIP and hydrotest dates may be filled. Priority will be given to the needs of the ARD collectors. Times for compressor use will need to be scheduled through the ARD or MRC. Programs or Centers with multiple divers will designate 1-2 individuals who will be responsible for filling tanks for that group. Open access to all individuals will not be allowed.

2.2.1The MBL Diving Safety Officer will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the SCUBA compressed air system housed in the Collection Support Facility (CSF) under the authority of the Superintendent: Aquatic Resources Department. This shall include gas analysis and air tests at regular intervals.
2.2.2If training is required to maintain the equipment, arrangements will be made with the approval of the MBL Facilities Manager and the MBL Diving Control Board.
2.2.3Any other person performing maintenance on the system must perform this work with prior knowledge of the Diving Safety Officer and/or the Superintendent, ARD and be checked out on the specific procedures necessary for proper and safe operation.
2.2.4No other compressors at the MBL will be permitted for the purpose of filling SCUBA diving cylinders.

2.3MBL certified divers may use the Wash Facilities of the CSF to rinse and clean wet suits and other SCUBA equipment. Again, this usage must be done around the requirements of the ARD collectors. All equipment must be removed from the room upon leaving. Space is insufficient during the summer to allow unlimited drying and storage of non-ARD divers’ equipment in the CSF. However, during non-peak seasons, this policy will be modified accordingly.
2.4MBL divers may use the showers in the CSF. Towels, soaps or shampoos will not be provided. Divers are expected to clean up after themselves such that the facility is usable for the next person.
2.5Lockers in the CSF are for use principally by ARD divers. Storage of equipment by non-ARD divers will be limited to air tanks, and subject to available rack space. During off-peak seasons, year-round programs may make special arrangements with the MRC for any unused locker space.

Any group approved to use the CSF SCUBA facility shall designate one person as the responsible individual for that group’s activities. All groups and individuals shall be part of the MBL organization.

3.1Only designated responsible people will be issued a key to the facility. Issued keys shall not be duplicated. If keys are lost or duplicated, the locks will be changed for security purposes and the charge for this will be to the responsible individual’s account as per the MBL key and lock policies.
3.2Designation of responsible individuals will be made by the MBL Facilities Manager in consultation with the Superintendent, ARD, Director, MRC, and all previously designated responsible individuals.
3.3There are no regular custodial services to the facility. Users of the facility are responsible for the general cleanliness of the facility. Cleaning supplies will be provided by Building Services and Grounds (BS&G) upon request. One project cleaning of the facility will be performed by the BS&G per year.
3.4All pertinent SCUBA room activities are to be recorded in the SCUBA Room log book provided by the ARD. Responsible individuals should initial entries for their group.

4.0Policy Clarification and Updates
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Aquatic Resources Department.