Employment of Family Members

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No.G.1.17

Human Resources

Initiated by:Human Resources Office
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:September 8, 2004
Distribution:MBL Managers, Supervisors, and PI’s

1. Policy Statement:
The MBL encourages employees to recommend qualified friends and relatives for jobs within the institution. However, The MBL stands firm against favoritism shown or patronage granted to friends and relatives.

In hiring or employment-related situations the following conditions apply:

2.1. All applicants for employment and candidates for employment-related transactions (i.e., promotions, salary increases, transfers, development opportunities, etc.) shall be considered on the basis of best-qualified pursuant to the MBL’s Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Diversity Policy A.2.4.
2.2. No person shall be placed in direct authority over another employee who is or becomes a member of his or her immediate family. No person shall be employed to serve under the immediate authority of a member of his or her immediate family;
2.3. A supervisor/employee relationship between members of the same family or household may not exist at the time of hire or at any time thereafter;
2.4. Members of the same immediate family, or of the same household, cannot work in the same department without prior approval from the Director of Human Resources;
2.5. A member of a family or household may not make decisions or recommendations concerning the conditions of employment, salary, or promotion of another member of the same family or household, nor shall one member of the family relationship assume for the other the role of advocate or judge with respect to conditions of employment, salary, or promotion.
2.6. Employment restrictions regarding members of the same family apply equally to those whose living arrangements are comparable to family arrangements.
2.7. Any exceptions to these conditions require the approval of the MBL Director/CEO and the Director of Human Resources.

3. Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy Clarification and updates are available from the Human Resources Office.