Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. G.1.13

Human Resources

Initiated by:  Director of Human Resources
Approved by:  MBL Director/CEO
Date:  June 21, 1995
Revision:  #2, July 1, 2008
Distribution:  MBL Community
1.0       Policy:

It is the policy of the Marine Biological Laboratory to designate and observe certain days each year as holidays.  Eligible employees will be given a day off with pay for each holiday observed.


2.0       Eligibility

2.1       All probationary and regular employees working at least 20 hours or more per week will be eligible for holiday pay.


2.2       To receive holiday pay, an eligible employee must be at work, or on an authorized paid absence, on the work days immediately preceding and immediately following the day on which the holiday is observed, unless they are not scheduled to work these days.  If an employee is absent on one or both of these days because of an illness or injury, the MBL reserves the right to verify the reason for the absence before approving holiday pay.


2.3       If a holiday occurs during an employee’s vacation period, the time will be charged to holiday pay and not against the employee’s vacation accrual.


2.4       Temporary employees and graduate students are not eligible for holiday pay.


2.5       Employees on an unpaid Leave of Absence approved by the MBL Human Resources office are not eligible for holiday pay.


3.0       Holidays covered

3.1       The following holidays are observed by the Marine Biological Laboratory:


New Year’s Day                                   Labor Day

Martin Luther King Day                        Columbus Day

Presidents Day                                     Thanksgiving

Memorial Day                                      Friday after Thanksgiving

Independence Day                                Christmas


3.2       Holidays falling on Saturday are celebrated the preceding Friday; those falling on Sunday are observed on the following Monday.


4.0       Floating Holidays

4.1       In addition to these fixed holidays, each staff member is eligible for up to two additional “floating holidays” during the calendar year.  Staff members who begin employment by January 31st are eligible for two floating holidays.  Those who begin between February 1st and August 31st are eligible for one floating holiday.  Staff members who are hired on or after September 1st are not eligible for floating holidays during the calendar year in which they are hired.  In 2008, the initial implementation year, staff members hired prior to August 31st will be eligible for one floating holiday.

4.2       Floating holidays must be scheduled in advance and must receive the authorization of the supervisor prior to being scheduled.

4.3       Floating holidays may only be taken in full days, not in partial day increments.

4.4       In addition, floating holidays not taken by December 31st of the calendar year in which they are earned are forfeited.  Employees will not be paid for unused floating holidays.

4.5       No payment for unused floating holidays is made to staff members who terminate their employment with the Laboratory.


5.0       Compensation

5.1       Full time employees are eligible to receive one day (eight hours) of holiday pay.  Part time employees who are regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week (50% effort or more per week) will receive holiday pay on a pro-rated basis.

5.1.1    Since part time staff often do not work the same amount of time every day of the workweek, the holiday calculation for the purposes of the time sheet is as follows:  The number of hours regularly scheduled each week (or the percent of effort regularly assigned) is divided by 5 (the usual number of working days in a week).  The result is the amount of holiday time the employee is eligible to record for the holiday.


5.2       The MBL reserves the right to schedule work on an observed holiday.  If an employee is required to work on a holiday, the employee will be allowed to take the holiday at another mutually agreeable time within two months of the holiday.


6.0       Miscellaneous

Holidays for the Bargaining unit are governed by the Contract between the MBL and SEIU1199.


7.0       Policy Clarification and Updates:

Policy clarification and updates are available from the Human Resources office.