Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. F.1.1


Initiated by:Director of Housing and Conference Services
Approved by:MBL President/Director
Date:February 23, 1996
Revision:#4, January 1, 2015

1.0 Policy Statement
The primary goal of MBL housing is to provide housing for the students and staff in the courses and for the investigators who rent laboratories.
2.0 Fees
Each fall the MBL establishes fees for all MBL Housing Facilities for the next calendar year. These fees are available by contacting housing@mbl.edu
3.0 Summer Housing Reservations
Submission of the completed housing application (or in the case of course students – completion the housing portion of an Enrollment Form) will be considered a commitment on the applicant’s part to accept and be financially responsible for assigned housing. Confirmation notice will be sent following the assignment of housing.

3.1 Rooms will be charged from the date of reservation unless a 15-day written advance notice is given to the Housing Office and an immediate reassignment can be made.
3.2 Unclaimed rooms are subject to immediate reassignment.
3.3 Individuals arriving prior to the reservation date must make other arrangements for housing.
3.4 Housing assignments are non-transferable. Subletting is not permitted.
3.5 Changes in assignments are permitted only with the consent of the Housing Office.
3.6 Dormitory rooms are not available without board.
3.7 Housing applications will be considered only for those individuals registered at the MBL except for MBL Corporation members, who are eligible for housing for a one-week period each year as availability permits.

3.7.1 Dormitory space is not available for the families of students.
3.7.2 Housing applications from individuals with overdue MBL accounts will not be considered until all accounts are paid in full.

4.0 Assignment of summer housing

4.1 Housing will be assigned in the following manner to those who have submitted applications by the prescribed deadlines. The category listed on the application will be verified with the appropriate MBL Office and if, at any point, the applicant withdraws from or cancels the work at the MBL, the housing assignment will be cancelled as well. Housing charges may still apply (see 5.0).

4.1.1 MBL Course and Program students (only category guaranteed housing)
4.1.2 MBL Principle Investigators, Grass Fellows,HHMI PI, Course Directors, Course Assistants, Course Coordinators, Award Recipients, Program Undergrad Students.
4.1.3 Visiting Research Associates, Course Faculty, Course Lecturers, Teaching Assistants, Visiting Research Assistants/Technicians, MBL Adjunct Scientists, Veterinary Intern, CMF Assistant
4.1.4 Library Office Occupants, Library Desk Readers , Library General Readers , MBL Invited Visitors– (Space Available)
4.1.5 Undergraduate Students working with Researcher , Corporation Members (Space Available), Full time Staff, (non-summer)

4.1.7 MBL Courses (Includes SES)
4.1.8 Conferences
4.1.9 Independent Research/Educational Groups
4.1.10 Visiting Research Associates/Assistants (Space Available)

4.2 The Laboratory guarantees housing only to students admitted to its courses. Students occupy multiple occupancy dormitory rooms.

5.0 Housing Refunds

5.1 Cancellation of a reservation (except for conference participants) must be made 15 days in advance of the arrival date. A $30 cancellation fee will be charged for the cancellation.
5.2 Cancellation of a reservation (except for conference participants) made less than 15 days in advance of arrival date will be charged in full.
5.3 There are no refunds for early departures or late arrivals.
5.4 Refunds for meal plan will be issued beginning with the full week (starting on Monday) following the week in which the cancellation occurs.
5.5 As with all policies, there may be mitigating circumstances that may override policy, but these situations are clearly exceptions and must be addressed on the basis of a written request to the Director of Housing and Conferences stating concise reasons for deviating from policy.

6.0 Conditions and Regulations
The following list of conditions and regulations apply to all MBL housing. Each visitor is required to accept these and all statements above by signing the housing application form.

6.1 Bath and hand towels, bed linens, and blankets are furnished to dormitory, cottage, and apartment occupants.

6.1.1 Dormitory linens are changed weekly.
6.1.2 Cottage and apartment occupants receive linens upon arrival only.
6.1.3 Credit / Debit card operated laundry facilities are available on campus as well as at the cottages.

6.2 Pets are not allowed in MBL housing, except in designated “pet” cottages and only with prior approval of the Housing Office. A $250.00 (per pet) deposit is required. If you are bringing your dog, it is your responsibility to control the pet from early morning and excessive barking. The neighborhood is very close and noise travels readily.
6.3 Residents are prohibited from affixing material to the walls, removing furniture, fixtures, or linens.
6.4 Except for normal wear and tear on facilities, occupants are responsible for losses and damages incurred.
6.5 The MBL is not responsible for the loss of personal effects and suggests the use of lockable luggage.
6.6 No off-season storage is allowed in MBL housing. Winter storage for personal effects is available at local storage facilities.
6.7 All guests of MBL residents must be registered at the Housing Office 48 hours prior to arrival. Where applicable, residents must also have the approval of their roommate(s) before inviting guests to stay with them. The number of guests at any given time must not exceed the number of beds in the unit plus one. Guests may stay no more than two consecutive nights in a week. Residents will be charged a nightly fee for each guest.
6.8 On-campus parking is severely limited, and regulated. The MBL maintains a parking lot off-campus and provides scheduled shuttle van service to the main campus. The use of bicycles is encouraged.

6.8.1 An indoor bicycle storage area is available for minimal fee.
6.8.2 Bicycle storage is not allowed inside the dormitories.
6.8.3 Occupants of the MBL cottages are prohibited from using unregistered vehicles on the private roads in the area.

7.0 Forfeiture of housing
Failure to adhere to housing conditions and regulations will result in automatic forfeiture of housing assignment and accommodation. Housing charges may still apply.

7.1 Although a security deposit is not required, upon departure, cottages and apartments should be left in the condition in which they were found upon arrival. A fee will be charged if repairs to the dwelling or its contents are required.

8.0 Dining Services
During the summer months, the Swope dining hall is open Monday-Saturday for three meals per day, and Sunday Brunch.

8.1 A weekly meal plan or daily meal ticket may be purchased by any member of the MBL community at the Main Dining Room.
8.2 The MBL does not grant credit for missed meals. Refunds for meals plans will be issued beginning with the full week following the week in which the cancellation occurs.
8.4 During the non-summer months, the dining hall is open only for conference activity.

9.0 Policy Clarification and Updates
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Housing office.