Information on Library Gifts-in-Kind

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. H.1.1


Initiated by:Director, MBLWHOI Library
Approved by:MBLWHOI Library Joint Users Committee, MBL Director/CEO
Date:May 1, 1992
Revision: #1, February 13, 2004
Distribution: All persons who make gifts to the MBLWHOI Library

1.0Policy Statement:
On behalf of the MBLWHOI Library, the Marine Biological Laboratory welcomes and accepts gifts-in-kind that are in good condition and pertinent to the Library’s collections. All gifts are accepted in accordance with the Gift Policy for the Marine Biological Laboratory and become the property of the MBLWHOI Library without restriction as to use or disposition.

All potential donations must be presented to the Library Director in written form. The Library Director is the only person authorized to accept gifts on behalf of the MBLWHOI Library.

2.1.All gifts must be accompanied by a signed MBLWHOI Library Deed of Gift Agreement form. The Library will record the total number of items or boxes on this form, but the donor is responsible for supplying a detailed bibliography if such information is required for her/his records.
2.2.Library staff cannot appraise or attach value to the donation. If the donor requires an estimate of the value of the donation it is the donor’s responsibility to hire a qualified independent appraiser. Donors should consult their legal, accounting, or other professional advisors regarding current Internal Revenue Service regulations governing non-cash charitable contributions.
2.3The Donor is responsible for delivering the donated items to the Library in labeled boxes.

3.0Policy and Procedural Updates:
Policy clarification and procedural updates are available from the MBLWHOI Library.