Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. D.1.4


Initiated by: POM and Security Manager
Approved by: MBL President/Director
Date:January 20, 1987
Revision: #8, March 28, 2005

Updated April 2013

1.0Policy Statement:
The responsibility associated with the possession of MBL keys will not be treated lightly by the MBL or by the legal authorities when there is a security problem. Individuals holding keys to the MBL facility can be held accountable for activity (i.e. theft) that compromises the intended use of the key.

The Assistant Director of Facilities will administer this policy and associated database.

The MBL has multiple lock systems. The long-range goal is to convert all locks to one system that provides the security measures necessary at the MBL. Toward that goal the following policy is implemented:

2.0 Issuing of Great Grand Master keys needs the approval of the Facilities and Services Director.  Great Grand Master Keys are issued only to the following personnel:

2.1 President/Director of the MBL
2.2 Facilities and Services Director
2.3 Assistant Director of Facilities  and Services
2.4 Maintenance Supervisor

2.5  Environmental, Health and Safety Manager
2.6  POM Manager
2.7 .MBL Locksmith

3.0 Building Master Keys will only be issued with written authorization from the POM and Security Manager or the Facilities and Services Director. The written Authorization is to be kept on file by the designated MBL Locksmith.

4.0Key Distribution Responsibility:
Security measures require a direct level of accountability. Areas of administration that have closer communication with the research activities are given the authority and responsibility to issue keys. They will also be responsible for the return of keys after the research activities have ended in the assigned spaces. Those areas of administration must demonstrate strict key control when requesting additional keys. No additional keys shall be issued until full key accountability of existing inventory can be demonstrated.

4.1 Office of Education

4.1.1 All Course space

4.2 Swope

4.2.1 All year-round laboratory space (except Lillie)
4.2.2 All housing space

4.3 Plant Operations and Maintenance

4.3.1 All year round Lillie laboratories
4.3.2 All staff key requests

4.4 Marine Resources Center

4.4.1All office and lab space keys

4.5 POM and Security Manager

4.5.1 All Master and Sub Master keys (except course keys as noted above)
4.5.2 A reasonable number of duplicate keys will be issued by the MBL upon request.
4.5.3 After a reasonable number of keys have been issued to a year-round lab or individual there will be a key-making charge of $5 per key; this will be charged to the individual/account.
4.5.4 Only the designated MBL Locksmith may duplicate keys.


4.6 All Summer Lab Space

4.6.1  Chief Academic and Scientific Office

5.0 Keys for office space will be issued to the individual assigned to the office space upon written request of the department manager.

5.1 It will be the department manager’s responsibility to retrieve any keys if the individual receiving the keys is transferred or terminated.
5.2 Office space assignment changes involving departments require the vacating department to surrender all applicable keys to the Assistant Director of Facilities. The Assistant Director of Facilities, or designee, will issue keys to the occupying department.
5.3 Keys shall not be informally turned over from one department or individual to another where documentation of possession is compromised.
5.4 In all areas above, whether key deposits are required or not, if security has been compromised by either keys being lost or not returned, the person, or department, issuing the key will be charged a re-keying charge. This charge will not exceed $60 per lock.

6.0 Locks will be changed by the MBL when deemed necessary to ensure security. Responsible individuals/accounts will be charged for the new locks when it is shown that there is negligence on the part of the individual. If a master keying is compromised through neglect, all locks controlled by the master will be changed and charged to the responsible individual/account.

6.1 Routine key replacement costs will be assumed by the Plant Operations and Maintenance budget.
6.2 Keys made as part of a renovation project will be charged to that project.


7.0 No probationary employee will be issued a permanent key/keys until his or her probationary period is complete. No summer or seasonal employee will be issued a permanent key/keys. Any keys required to perform their duties will be picked up and dropped from their Supervisor. Exceptions may be granted per the written request of the department manager.

8.0 Clarification on authorization should be directed to the Assistant Director of Facilities.