Marine Resources Usage

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. J.1.3


Initiated by:Director, Marine Resources Center
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:June 7, 1993
Revision:#1, February 28, 1996
Distribution:Marine Resources Center Users

1.0Policy Statement:
Guidelines are necessary to ensure and protect the security of all research conducted by users for the facility.

There are many users of the facility. Each must respect the research space of others.

2.1Relock any door that is found to be unlocked upon entering the building. This is especially true if entering during off-hours. For general safety and security reasons, all doors should be locked after normal working hours.
2.2The Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Marine Resources Center (Room 314) will keep track of keys to the MRC. Report a lost or missing key immediately to the Administrative Assistant. Security must be maintained and loss of a key will necessitate re-keying at considerable expense to the person responsible.
2.3Check your tank(s) and animals daily to ensure their good health, unless you have made specific arrangements with MRC staff to check them for you.
2.4Do not touch, alter, borrow or otherwise interfere with equipment, supplies, or anything related to other research areas within the MRC. This is particularly true of the MRC and Laboratory for Aquatic Animal Medicine and Pathology (LAAMP). Each user of the facility must provide for their own needs. Unauthorized use or manipulation of someone else’s materials, no matter how innocently intended, may cause a greater impact than you might initially have perceived. Always ask for permission or instructions first.
2.5Do not leave doors unlocked or admit anyone when you are in the building after normal business hours. This pertains to everyone. The watchmen know the proper procedure for signing people in and organisms out during those times. For security purposes and for your own safety, please do not try to be helpful and admit people yourself.
2.6Do not lend the key to the MRC to anyone or have it replicated. Each key is numbered and assigned on an individual basis, and it must be returned directly to the MRC when your needs for the facility are finished.
2.7Do not alter tank arrangements or water flow to any tank including your own if there is potential to affect other research areas in series with yours. Please check with the MRC Systems Operator, the MRC Water Quality Technician, or the Director of the MRC before making any major alterations to any system. Mutual awareness and respect for other researchers must be foremost in everyone’s thinking or serious damage may inadvertently result to someone’s research efforts.

3.0Procedures Room
The MBL requires all experimental or invasive procedures be performed only in individual laboratories or in the MRC Procedures Room, and not in the general use areas around the MBL.

3.1Room charges are available from the Aquatic Resources Division (ARD) office (MRC 313).
3.2Usage times must be reserved through the ARD Shipping Office (Room 114). Check posted schedule on Room 112 door for available times, or the ARD office.
3.3Procedures for use of room:

3.3.1All procedures done on vertebrates must have an IACUC approved protocol on file before the scheduled procedure.
3.3.2All procedures on invertebrates will be done humanely and in accordance with ethical scientific standards.
3.3.3All instruments and materials needed will be provided by the User. Instruments housed in the Procedure Room are not for general use.
3.3.4All procedures will be done on the necropsy table. Counters are for specimen samples, chemicals, etc.
3.3.5Animal wastes only will be disposed of in the animal waste bucket (no other materials). Bucket should be placed under table drain at all times. Do not use the sink or floor drain.
3.3.6Chemical wastes or other toxic materials will be properly disposed of according to MBL policies. Use appropriate waste containers and label all containers. User to provide container, and dispose of all chemical wastes upon leaving.
3.3.7Sharps are to be disposed of in the sharps container provided by the MRC.

3.4Clean up
User is responsible for cleaning all areas of the room.

3.4.1Necropsy Table — Clean all surfaces, tissue trap, and drain.
3.4.2Counter-tops — Wipe and clean all counter surfaces of all liquids, and any waste materials.
3.4.3Floors — Rinse and clean all obvious spills, soiled areas, etc. (Mop is provided.)
3.4.4Walls — Clean all obviously soiled areas.
3.4.5.Any failure to clean room that necessitates cleaning/recleaning by Housekeeping or MRC staff will be charged per hour and may affect future use of the facility.

4.0Policy Clarification and Updates
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Director’s Office, Marine Resources Center.