February 10, 2016


Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. D.1.5


Initiated by:Director of the Facilities and Services Office
Approved by:Director/CEO
Date:May 1, 1987
Revision:#9, March 1, 2003
Distribution:MBL Community

1.0.Policy Statement

1.1.Issuance of an MBL parking permit does not guarantee parking. Parking permits are required year-round.

The MBL is not responsible for vehicles parked in or traversing through MBL lots.

Parking in MBL parking lots is at the vehicle owner’s risk.

Owners of MBL parking permitted vehicles are encouraged not to park at meters or side streets in the village.

2.0.Non-Eligible Parking Permit Candidates

2.1Individuals that are specifically excluded from being issued a parking permit unless they have another status (eg. PI), include the following:

2.1.1General Library Readers
2.1.2Corporation Members
2.1.4Habitual Parking Policy Offenders

3.0.Permit Issuance

3.1.All parking permits are issued by the Housing Office personnel, located in the Swope Building. Only parking permits issued during the current year are valid.
3.2.Vehicle Information
Certain information such as person’s name, vehicle registration, work location, telephone extension, etc. will be required on the parking permit applications.
3.3.Driver’s information
A space on the parking permit has been provided for the telephone extension where the driver can normally be reached. This number will be written on the parking permit by the Housing Office, prior to issuance.
3.4.Issued Quantity

3.4.1Only one parking permit per person will be issued initially.
3.4.2Anyone requesting a second, current year red or green parking permit, must obtain written approval by completing and submitting a second request application to the Transportation Services and Grounds Department, stating a valid reason why a second parking permit is required, instead of using a temporary parking pass. Written approval must be obtained each year a second parking permit is requested. (Parking permits are not issued on previous year’s status.) Request forms are available from the Swope Housing Office and Superintendent of Transportation Services and Grounds Department.

4.0.Parking Permit Type

4.1.Red Parking Permits
Red parking permits will be issued to the following:

4.1.1MBL staff members
4.1.2Research Assistants and Technicians
4.1.4MBL cottage residents
4.1.5All on-campus residents except as noted under section “4.3 Green Parking Permits”
4.1.6Vehicles with red parking permits are to park in the Devil’s Lane Parking Lot during the summer. Free shuttle service to the MBL campus is available during the day (see posted shuttle schedule for days and times).
4.1.7Vehicles with red parking permits, are allowed to park in lots A, B, C, D, and E during the summer season from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. during weekdays, and anytime on weekends and holidays.

4.2.Blue Parking Permits

4.2.1.Blue parking permits are available to year-round, full time employees, for carpooling purposes only. A parking space will be reserved on campus for employees who carpool.
4.2.2.Carpools must have at least 3 year-round, full time employees assigned to each carpool, and all vehicles in the carpool will be issued a current year blue parking permit.
4.2.3.Owners of blue permitted vehicles agree with the MBL never to park on the streets of Woods Hole during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Anyone in a carpool who fails to comply will result in all persons in the carpool having their blue parking permits revoked.
4.2.4.Blue permitted vehicles may not park on campus other than in their designated reserved parking space.
4.2.5To apply for a blue carpool parking permit, please fill out a carpool application, which is available in the Transportation Services and Grounds Department.

4.3.Green Parking Permits
Green parking permits will be issued to:

4.3.1Year-round Principal Investigators
4.3.2Summer Principal Investigators who are assigned laboratory space, who do not have MBL cottages
4.3.3Desk and corral library readers, who do not have MBL cottages
4.3.4Course Directors
4.3.5Anyone living in MBL housing on the main MBL campus will be eligible for a red permit at “no charge.” On-campus housing residents may purchase a green parking permit for $300 per year.
4.3.6Vehicles with green parking permits are allowed to park in MBL campus parking lots at any time.

4.4.Handicap Parking Permits

4.4.1.Any person with a state approved handicap permit or vehicle license plate, and a current year red or green parking permit with “HANDICAP” written on it by the MBL, is allowed to park in designated MBL handicap parking spaces. An MBL permit and a state approved permit are required for regular, year round access to MBL handicap parking spaces.
4.4.2.Any person without a handicap vehicle license plate who has obtained written approval from the Director of Facilities and Services for a current year red or green parking permit with “HANDICAP” written on it by the MBL, is allowed to park in MBL handicap parking spaces. This is intended for seasonal visitors or those with a temporary condition. All handicap parking is on campus.

5.0Removal of Parking Permits

5.1Anyone issued an MBL parking permit is asked to remove the parking permit from their vehicle if they are no longer going to remain at the MBL. Anyone selling their vehicle should remove their parking permit before the vehicle is sold.
5.2Previous year parking permits must be removed and returned to MBL prior to issuance of a current permit.

6.0Temporary Parking Passes

6.1.All visitors, and outside venders who provide services to the MBL are to be instructed to obtain a visitor parking pass from any of the offices listed below. None of the offices below will issue a visitor parking pass to any employees, except for the Facilities, Services, and Projects Office.

6.1.1Director’s Office
6.1.2Facilities, Services, and Projects Office
6.1.3Development Office
6.1.4Housing Office
6.1.5Occasionally, visitor parking passes may be issued to employees who would ordinarily be required to park at the Devil’s Lane Parking Lot, if the employee has a midday doctor appointment, or if the employee is using their own personal vehicle for MBL business, etc. Any employee requesting a visitor parking pass must state the reason why they require one. Temporary parking passes for all employees are issued only by the Facilities, Services, and Projects Office.
6.1.6Temporary parking passes may be written up to 1 week at a time but are not valid for more than 1 week at a time.
6.1.7Temporary parking passes are not valid if the “period issue” date has been altered in any way.
6.1.8It is the responsibility of the person issuing the visitor parking pass to inform all visitors of the parking policy.
6.1.9It is the responsibility of the person receiving the visitor parking pass to clearly display it inside the vehicle on the driver’s side of the dashboard, so that it may be clearly seen through the windshield.

6.2Stony Beach Parking

6.2.1.Any current year red, blue, or green parking permit will allow parking at MBL’s Stony Beach, for the purpose of beach use only. Parking your current year permitted vehicle at Stony Beach for reasons other than beach use is prohibited.

7.0.Permit Placing

7.1.Parking permits are to be placed on a rear left window of the vehicle. Pickup trucks, etc. that may have the permit obscured on the rear view window may place the permit on the driver’s window (left side). If in doubt, ask for assistance.

8.0.Parking Locations

8.1.The MBL has 6 parking areas. All driveways must be kept clear. Any vehicles blocking driveways or protruding into driveways will be towed. See parking locations below:
8.2.Devil’s Lane Parking Lot
Any vehicle with a current year parking permit of any color may use this location. The parking lot is approximately 1 mile out of the village and is close to the Shining Sea Bike Path. Bike racks and a storage shed are available at no charge.
8.3.Parking Lots A, B, C, D, and E.
These parking lots are considered on campus and red permit parking is restricted in part during the mandatory off campus parking shuttle season.
8.4.Bar Neck Road Property
The Bar Neck Road property is not open for regular use. Special parking will be authorized from time to time at the Bar Neck Road property for conferences and other sanctioned events. General parking is not allowed.


9.1.Vehicles will be towed year-round and stored at the owner’s expense for any of the following reasons:

9.1.1The vehicle does not have a valid parking permit or visitor parking pass.
9.1.2The vehicle parking permit color is not allowed to park in the lot the vehicle is parked in. (See posted parking schedule for parking permit color and season.)
9.1.3The vehicle is in a “No Parking” area.
9.1.4The vehicle is illegally parked in a handicap space.
9.1.5The vehicle is parked in a reserved location.
9.1.6The vehicle is a safety hazard.
9.1.7The vehicle is not in an authorized location.

9.2.Authorized Towing
Towing is authorized only by the Director of the Facilities and Services Office, the Superintendent of Transportation Services and Grounds, and/or their designee.
9.3.Towing Company
Most of the MBL towing will be done by M. Sylvester Towing. They can be telephoned at 508-548-5004. If there is no answer, call 508-540-0118.
9.4.The Falmouth Police Department will be notified of all towing.

10.0.Bike Parking

10.1.Bike racks are located in many MBL areas. All bikes left in bike racks are at the owner’s risk.
10.2.There is a bike garage in the basement of Ebert Hall. Contact the Superintendent of Transportation Services and Grounds for more information at extension 7530.

Only the Director of the Facilities and Services Office can grant any exceptions to the MBL Parking Policy.

12.0.Parking Policy Clarification and Updates
Parking Policy clarifications and updates are available from the Director of Facilities and Services.