Performance Reviews

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. G.1.1

Human Resources

Initiated by:Human Resources
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:January 27, 1988
Revision:#1, March, 1996
Distribution:All MBL Supervisors

1.0Policy Statement:
One of the most, if not the most, important responsibilities of managers/supervisors is to link the quality and quantity of each of their subordinate’s work with the goals and objectives of the Laboratory. It is the duty of the manager/supervisor to communicate performance standards and ensure that employees know what is expected of them. The manager/supervisor should observe each employee’s performance and measure it against uniform performance standards. The annual performance review is the proper time and opportunity to objectively evaluate and fully discuss the employee’s performance with him/her, to develop a career plan with the employee and to design a plan for the employee’s future development and performance improvement.

2.0Annual Performance Reviews

2.1All employees with regular employment status in the Graded Classification System shall receive an annual performance review from their manager/supervisor. (See Probationary Periods and Regular Employment Status Policy for procedures concerning reviews of probationary employees.)

2.2The performance reviews will be conducted and completed prior to making recommendations for and determinations of the April 1 annual salary adjustments.

2.3The Human Resources office is responsible for notifying Department Heads of the employees to be reviewed, providing Performance Review forms and designating the due date on which all performance reviews are to be completed and submitted.

3.0Recommended Procedure for Conducting Performance Reviews


3.1.1The manager/supervisor must spend sufficient time preparing for the review. This entails a review of the employee’s position description, prior performance reviews, reports, documents and other pertinent evidence regarding the employee’s performance.

3.1.2Be objective. Rate measurable criteria related to successful performance of the responsibilities and duties of the position. Do not allow emotions regarding personality traits or relationships to affect the evaluation. In addition, avoid generalizations of good/bad overall ratings or impressions to affect a careful appraisal of the employee’s endeavors.

3.1.3Set a date/time and make an appointment with the employee for the performance review meeting. Allow him/her sufficient notice to prepare for the discussion.

3.1.4Schedule the meeting to allow an adequate uninterrupted period, giving your undivided attention to this important matter.

3.2Conducting the Meeting

3.2.1Hold the meeting in privacy with the employee.

3.2.2Make certain the communication is two-way and the employee has ample opportunity to explain his/her opinions and submit written comments or information, if desired.

3.2.3If necessary, conduct more than one meeting to fully explore and talk about all aspects of the employee’s responsibilities, performance and working relationship with you as well as other personnel at the Laboratory.

3.3Follow Up

3.3.1At the appropriate times or intervals after the performance review, follow up on commitments to a plan, changes, etc. that were agreed upon between you and the employee during the review meeting(s).

3.3.2Document for your records and the personnel file all such occurrences or activities. Provide the employee with a copy of any official notice that is to be made part of his/her personnel record.

4.0Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Human Resources office.