Probationary Periods and Regular Employment Status

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. G.1.2

Human Resources

Initiated by:Human Resources
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:February 1, 1988
Revision:#1, March, 1996
Distribution:All MBL Supervisors

1.0Policy Statement:
All new employees, except temporary employees, are hired with the understanding they will serve a probationary period during which both the employee and his/her supervisor will evaluate the suitability of the placement. The probationary period will be four (4) months for new employees who are non exempt and six (6) months for all other new employees.

2.0Review at the end of the Probationary Period

2.1Prior to completion of the probationary period the new employee will be evaluated and a determination made as to whether or not regular employment status will be granted. This procedure should be completed no later than two weeks before the probationary period ends.
2.2The probationary period for a non exempt employee may be extended by the Laboratory beyond four months if circumstances warrant. The extension shall not be for more than two (2) additional months and must be approved by the Human Resources Manager. If an extension is granted, it must be agreed to by the employee. It shall be made in writing and signed by the employee and the supervisor.

3.0Performance Reviews

3.1The supervisor and the other management members who are appropriately concerned with the new employee’s position activities will complete a Performance Review form. After a review and a decision as to removing the probationary status, continuing or extending the probationary status or terminating the employee is made, the supervisor will conduct a meeting with the employee to advise him/her of the decision.
3.2Copies of the signed performance review forms will be made for the employee, the supervisor and the personnel file.

4.0Compensation Review

4.1No review of compensation will be made at the end of the Probationary Period.

4.2Upon being granted regular employee status, the new employee shall be included in the next following annual review on April 1.

Probationary periods for the Bargaining unit are governed by the Contract between the MBL and the Hospital Workers Union, Local 767.

6.0Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Human Resources office.