Procedure for Book Collection Development

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. H.1.2


Initiated by:Director, MBLWHOI Library
Approved by:MBLWHOI Library Joint Users Committee, MBL Director/CEO
Date: May 1, 1992
Revision:#1, February 13, 2004
Distribution:MBLWHOI Library Users

1.0 Policy Statement:
The MBLWHOI Library collects, for general use, those books of seminal and enduring value that support the major scientific fields in which the Woods Hole scientific community is active. The book collection should provide a scientist or student who is proficient in a given field with entry to other disciplines and with broad reviews of techniques and current directions supporting his/her own work

Librarians review and select materials for the book collection in collaboration with scientists. Scientific input will be sought in the following manner:

2.1 Course instructors will be solicited for course-related materials.
2.2 Twice a year, Departments and Centers will be solicited for suggested titles via their Joint User Committee Departmental Liaison.
2.3 Scientists are encouraged to alert Librarians to important works throughout the year in person, via email or via the Library’s Recommend a Book! feature on the website.

3.0Policy and Procedural Updates:
Policy clarification and procedural updates are available from the MBLWHOI Library.