Purchasing of Computer Resources by MBL Staff and Researchers

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. H.2.4

Information Technology

Initiated by:Director, Information Technology
Approved by:MBL Computer Advisory Committee, MBL Director/CEO
Date:August 29, 1994
Distribution: All users of MBL Information Systems

1.0Policy Statement:
Since the MBL is working toward a standard of easy access to information using the existing network infrastructure, employees and scientific staff are best served by checking with ISD to make sure that the purchase is compatible with the network standards, hardware and locally-supported software. Any hardware, software or network peripheral purchased by MBL employees on grants or cost centers must be signed off by the Director or Assistant Director of the Information Systems Division.


2.1Purchase Orders for hardware can be obtained from the Purchasing Department and sent to ISD for approval. If there are any questions on the purchase, ISD will call the person initiating the order. ISD will return the PO’s to Purchasing for a PO number.
2.2ISD can initiate orders for cost centers so that the equipment can be tested and software installed before it is delivered to the desktop.


3.1ISD staff has the expertise and knowledge necessary to research and recommend the best hardware and software to fit users needs. It is their job to analyze a problem and seek solutions to fit the users needs, (i.e. networkable vs. stand alone printers, expandable MAC, tape backup vs. external hard drive, etc.), and know who provides the best service, what kind of warranty to look for, and what machines are the most reliable. Professional relationships with vendors help them find the best solutions with ongoing customer service and support.
3.2These professional vendor relationships result in the most cost effective purchasing through a proven bidding process, educational discounts, and careful price searches. Established Purchasing procedures relieve users of administrative paperwork.
3.3Because the ISD staff has a global overview of the present MBL computer systems and where it is headed in the future, it is in the best position to ensure administrative staff are purchasing state-of-the-art hardware and software that will not only meet their current needs but also prepare them for the future.

4.0Policy Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Information Systems Division.