Research and Education Building Access

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. K.1.8
CASO office
Marine Biological Laboratory

Initiated by: Director/CEO
Approved by: Director/CEO
Date: July 21, 2008
Distribution: MBL Community
1.0 Policy Statement:
A primary concern of the Marine Biological Laboratory is the safety of all researchers, staff, students, visitors, and guests and the security of its resources. Scientific research buildings require special scrutiny and consideration to maintain a safe and productive work environment for all researchers.

2.0 Related Policies
While this policy specifically relates to access approval in research areas, there are related policies regarding access. In the Facilities section, Policy D.1.4 addresses building and room key distribution and Policy D.1.15 outlines access to areas requiring special authorization. Policy H.1.6 governs Library Access and Services.

3.0 Access eligibility

3.1 Access to appropriate buildings will be authorized for all registered scientific staff occupying approved space for the purpose of scientific collaboration.
3.2 Official visitors to the MBL may obtain temporary access to a specific building, room or area for the purposes of collaborating in research or other related purpose. Formal sponsorship by a lab, Program or Center is required.
3.3 Access to appropriate buildings will be authorized for all year round and temporary MBL scientific and administrative/operations staff.
3.4 Access will not be authorized for persons, including family members and guests, who do not have a legitimate scientific purpose for being in a research building.

4.0 Access for guests

4.1 Guests of researchers and staff may be allowed into research space provided:

4.1.1 The guest is sponsored by a researcher or other staff person who assumes complete responsibility for all guests sponsored by them;
4.1.2 The guest is met at the door of the building and escorted in the research area at all times;
4.1.3 The guest does not create a safety or health hazard or concern for the sponsor or other researchers in the lab/building.
4.1.4 Generally, children under the age of 18 who are escorted into research areas should be given special attention and care for safety around the equipment, biologicals and chemicals in use. Under no circumstances should they be left alone, unobserved at any time.

4.2 Guests may participate in MBL lectures and events, and have access to the MBLWHOI library facilities and MBL public areas during normal weekday operating hours.
4.3 After hour Guest access to public areas may be authorized.

5.0 Access Authorization

5.1 Authorization for access to research buildings for visiting researchers or other visitors for related scientific reasons is generally through the office of the Chief Academic and Scientific Officer (CASO).
5.2 Access for all year round researchers and staff members is through the Human Resources office.
5.3 Access for students, course directors, faculty and other course personnel and vendors is through the Education office.
5.4 General Library access is available to all persons who have authorized access in section 3.0 in this policy and according to Library policy H.1.6.
5.2 Authorization of Guest access is through the CASO.
5.3 Authorization for specialized areas such as the Central Microscopy facility and the Marine Resources tank room is authorized by those areas.
5.4 Guests may be given access to housing areas, as determined by the MBL Housing office.

6.0 Miscellaneous

6.1 If an access card is lost or stolen, the authorizing office must be notified immediately of the loss or theft so the card can be disabled to prevent unauthorized use.
6.2 Any person issued an MBLCard may not lend it to any other person.
6.3 Users authorized to enter a building after hours will be held accountable for securing the entrance door after they have gained access. Doors will not be propped open or otherwise compromised.

7.0 Failure to comply
It is expected that all members of the MBL community understand and respect the need for safety and security in research areas, for individuals, MBL resources and for the important research these support. Failure to follow reasonable precautions can be very serious. Therefore, anyone who violates this policy risks the loss of all building access. Cards or keys (see MBL policy D.1.4 Keys) to MBL facilities are for your personal use only. Duplication or loaning of any cards or keys is a very serious offense; any person lending or found with a MBL access card or key which does not belong to him/her, will be subject to disciplinary action.

8.0 Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the office of the Chief Academic and Scientific Officer (CASO)