Rowe and Loeb Seawater Tank Room

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. J.1.2

Initiated by: Superintendent, Marine Resources Department
Approved by: Marine Resources Department Manager, MBL President/CEO
Date: June 1, 1992
Revision:#2 – February 28, 1996
Updated:  March 12, 2013
Distribution:All users of Sea Water Tank Room in Rowe and Loeb Buildings

1.0Policy Statement:
The Marine Resources Department (MRD) is responsible for assigning seawater holding facilities in the general use seawater tank rooms of the Rowe and Loeb Buildings. Organisms stored in general use seawater tanks will be maintained at a level that reflects the high quality of research being performed here at the MBL. This is of utmost importance.

2.0Mandatory Conditions:
To assign tanks and provide to investigators the best possible use of these facilities, the following conditions are mandatory.

2.1 All users will contact the Manager of the Marine Recources Department at ext. 7477 for assignment of tank space. Tank space will be assigned by the Manager after receipt of the Tank Assignment Application Form.
2.2 Principal Investigator or Course Director will provide all applicable information on the MRD Tank Assignment Application Form, including, protocol number if applicable.
2.3 Only MRD or Seawater Maintenance personnel are allowed to adjust the sea water flow rates and water levels of assigned tanks. Each user will be responsible for maintaining uninterrupted water flow by cleaning the small bore water spigots. Draining tanks for cleaning permitted only under the supervision of MRD personnel.
2.4 Principal Investigator or Course Director is responsible for care and maintenance of organisms. This includes but is not limited to, feeding, cleaning and removal of diseased, dying or dead organisms stored in assigned tanks.
2.5 Before leaving the MBL, the Principal Investigator or Course Director is responsible for removing all organisms, cleaning the tank, and notifying the MRD. Any cleaning of assigned tanks by MRD personnel will be charged to the account of the Investigator or Course.
2.6 Principal Investigator or Course Director is responsible for informing personnel under their supervision of this policy.

3.0Application forms, policy clarification and updates:
Application form for tank room assignment is available in the Guide to Research & Education or from the MRD office, MRC 316, telephone (508) 289-7477, or by email Clarification of policy or policy updates are available from the Manager, MRD