Scientific Appointments, Reviews, Reappointments, and Promotions Track II

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. A.1.2.2

Director’s Office

Initiated by: Science Council
Approved by: MBL Director
Date: May 28, 1993
Revision: September 6, 2011 – CASO/Institutional Committee
Distribution: MBL Scientific Community

1.0 Policy Statement
The MBL Director makes all scientific appointments, reappointments, and promotions. The MBL Institutional Committee is principally responsible for providing advice, recommendations and guidance for Track II appointments.

2.0 Review and Oversight
The Institutional Committee functions as the Committee on Academic Appointments and Promotions for Track II positions, formally reviews the candidate’s file, and recommends to the MBL Director whether or not to appoint, reappoint, promote or terminate.

3.0 Principal Track II Titles and Appointment/Promotion Processes
Track II is a track for scientists who have important scientific roles within a Center or Program at a level approximating that of a Track I scientist, but without the responsibilities to, or the financial commitments from the MBL of a Track I scientist. The sponsoring Center/Program provides the primary resources for the individual. The MBL is not obligated for salary support, research lab or office space, or startup support. Individuals may have specialized technical expertise and hold a variety of degrees including M.S., Ph.D., or engineering degrees.

3.1 The titles for Track II include: Assistant Research Scientist, Associate Research Scientist, and Senior Research Scientist; Distinguished Research Scientist; and Senior Research Scholar.

3.2 An MBL Track II scientist who wishes to be appointed as a Track I scientist ordinarily shall apply for a nationally advertised position through the regular search process. However, under extraordinary circumstances an appointment to a Track I position without a national search may be considered, following the regular review and recommendation process of Science Council for Track I appointments.

3.3 A Research Scientist may apply for external funding and serve as Principal Investigator (PI) on grants, up to 100% salary support as PI. Research Scientist appointments are usually tied to a research program directed by a Track I scientist and will ordinarily be terminated if the funding ceases.

3.4 Research Scientist appointments may be made by the MBL Director for terms of up to five years in duration following a review and recommendation by the Institutional Committee. All Research Scientists will be reviewed annually as part of the Performance Review policy of the MBL. The term appointment is renewable based on a recommendation by the sponsoring Center/Program and a review and recommendation by the Institutional Committee to the MBL Director. Promotion of Research Scientist rank is possible as part of this review.

3.5 The title of Distinguished Research Scientist can be bestowed upon a Track II MBL Research Scientist or Senior Research Scholar of exceptional international stature and is intended for life. A candidate can be proposed by the MBL Director or by Institutional Committee or Science Council resolution. The Institutional Committee and Science Council will review the nomination, and Science Council will make a recommendation to the MBL Director for his/her consideration. After approval by the MBL Director, the appointment will be presented to the Board of Trustees for their ratification.

3.6 Senior Research Scholars are individuals who have retired as a Research Scientist. This position gives formally retired employees who meet certain requirements a defined set of privileges that allow them to remain active as scholars at the MBL. The Institutional Committee will make a recommendation to the MBL Director for his/her consideration, and the MBL Director will make such appointments without review by the Science Council. The requirements to qualify for these appointments are: a. Formal retirement, requiring a written notification (addressed to the Human Resources Department) of the employee’s intention to retire and termination of year-round employment; b. At least a decade of full time employment, or the equivalent, at the MBL as a Research Scientist; and c. Sponsorship by an MBL Center or Program. The terms and privileges of the appointments are: a. 3-year appointment, renewable based on a review and recommendation by the Institutional Committee to the MBL Director; b. No financial commitment by the MBL; c. Office and or lab space as negotiated with the sponsoring Center or Program; d. Library privileges, an email account and an appropriate parking sticker in accordance with the parking policy; and e. Eligibility to write grant applications and earn (from grant funds) up to 45% of an appropriate annualized salary for the position from which the individual retired.

3.7 Evaluation criteria for all Track II appointments and promotions will include scientific strength, publication and funding record, accordance with the goals of the MBL, and collegial qualities.

4.0 Termination
Scientific appointments may be terminated by the scientist or by the MBL. See Policy and Procedures regarding Termination. See also Policies and Procedures regarding Unfunded Scientists and Separation from the MBL.

5.0 Procedures
Written procedures for implementing this policy are available from the CASO office or Human Resources office.

6.0 Policy Clarification and Updates
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Office of the Chief Academic and Scientific Officer or the MBL Director’s Office.