Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. D.2.2


Initiated by:Manager Building Services, Transportation and Grounds
Approved by: MBL Director/CEO
Date:December 4, 1996
Revision:#2, February 4, 2005
Distribution:MBL Community

1.0Policy Statement:
It is the expressed intention of the MBL Shipping/Receiving (S/R) Department to conform to all Federal regulations regarding its operation. Arrival/departure times, service choices, specific requirements, and rates are determined by the vendors with whom MBL does business and are subject to change.

1.1S/R provides general information, guidance, and assistance to the MBL community regarding shipping and/or receiving activities including but not limited to:

1.1.1Transport of hazardous waste
1.1.2Transport of heavy or large bulky items
1.1.3Claims assistance for damages or lost items

2.0General Procedures:
Upon arrival/departure at MBL, please check in with shipping /receiving (S/R) staff to verify:

Your delivery location
Where your pre delivered items (if any) may be located
Forwarding instructions on departure

In order for S/R to process inbound/outbound items effectively, it is incumbent upon all those that interact with the department to provide clear and concise information. When ordering goods and services, or when sending items to the MBL, please specify recipients’ name, phone extension, building, room #, PO# and the address on shipping label. The official MBL address is:

WOODS HOLE, MA 02543-1015

Service guides are available at the S/R inner office, Lillie 011.

Hours of operation are: Mon. – Fri. 8am – 5pm

3.0Available Services:

3.1S/R receives items from common carriers, private couriers, and other transport/delivery companies and delivers said items to recipients’ MBL location.

3.2S/R will process outbound items for shipment with the following vendors:
Federal Express – No Ground Service
United Parcel Service
Airborne Express/DHL
Specified common carriers *see S/R for further details

3.3Valid MBL cost centers or AR account must accompany all outbound “charge” shipments for billing purposes.

4.0Inbound Freight:
All arriving items must be received at the S/R area of the Lillie building by staff.

4.1S/R staff may determine that specific item(s) should be off-loaded at a remote loading dock. In this case, S/R staff will escort the delivery company to the remote dock.

4.2Every item received at MBL must be logged in by S/R staff in designated “Log Books.”

4.3The priority of log in and handling or delivery of inbound items is:

4.3.1 Live Specimens
4.3.2 Frozen /Dry ice items
4.3.3Refrigerated items
4.3.4 Fedex & UPS next day air and other priority courier delivered items
4.3.5All others

4.4Deliveries to recipients will be made by S/R staff per above priority.

4.5Recipients may pick up their items at S/R provided the items are logged in.

4.6Items received identified only by department, course name, or other vague term, will be delivered to department personnel, course assistant, or area manager, respectively.

4.7If items are received for a recipient whose MBL location cannot be determined, a notice will be posted at the MBL Mail Room. Such items may be disposed of if unclaimed for 60 days. All Library Reader’s packages received will be stored in the S/R department with notification of the package posted on the bulletin board in the Post Office.

4.8Normally, inbound items do not remain in S/R area for more than one day. When destination is determined, and recipient is not present, items will be placed in room or lab of recipient. (Exceptions: live, frozen, or refrigerated items which remain at S/R until claimed.)

4.9Off hour deliveries are not allowed except in case of emergency. Please contact watchman at ext. 7217 in such cases.

4.10S/R will deliver items to restricted areas only if area access has been opened in advance of delivery.

4.11Course lock up areas for items arriving prior to course personnel must be identified and made known to S/R staff in advance of inbound items.

4.12Claims for potentially damaged items or perishables must be accompanied by original packaging and paper work. Contact S/R directly for claims assistance.

5.0Outbound Freight:

Items shipped from MBL must be brought to S/R area in the Lillie building for processing ready to ship (packaged and labeled).

5.1Each outbound item(s) must be labeled with the following information marked on package:

A)Person, department. or contact to whom the item is being sent.
B)Street name and number (PO boxes, Departments only, or Colleges are not accepted) For example:


John Smith
Purdue University
Biology Department
West Lafayette, IN 47907
John Smith
Purdue University
Biology Department
231 State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

C)City and Street with zip code
D)Services required. For example: Priority, next day air, etc.
E)Amount of insurance required (if any)
F)Method of payment. Cost center # or AR account

5.2NO items will be shipped without the above information, whether remote or at Lillie.

5.3Senders may request remote shipping (due to size, weight, volume, etc.) with advance notice. Requests are approved or denied at the discretion of S/R staff. Items for remote shipping must be brought to the loading dock area by sender, and security is the responsibility of the sender.
5.4S/R staff (or sender, when possible) will escort pick up company to remote locations at time of pickup. Appropriate paper work must be exchanged with S/R staff before any item(s) leave MBL.
5.5Foreign service is available, but requires in-person contact with S/R staff due to international rules & regulations which differs for each country, and subject to change.

6.0Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Building Services and Grounds office.