Special Collections

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. H.1.7

Initiated by: Director, MBLWHOI Library
Approved by: MBLWHOI Library Joint Users Committee, MBL Director/CEO
Date: February 24, 1997
Revision:#1, February 13, 2004
Distribution: All users of the MBLWHOI Library

1.0Policy Statement:
Loan of Special Collections materials is restricted to patrons who have a scholarly need for such use. Special Collections material is available for use during staffed hours and must be retrieved by a librarian.

2.0 Procedure:

2.1 All material must be specified by the patron and retrieved and charged by a librarian for a single day’s use.
2.2Material must be used in the Library under the supervision of a librarian.
2.3Patrons without a valid MBLWHOI Library card must leave a driver’s license or institutional ID card with a librarian.
2.4 All material must be returned to the Circulation Desk of the Library Offices at or before 4 p.m.
2.5Material may be held in the Library Office for continued use on succeeding day.
2.6Depending on the condition of the item, permission may be granted for materials to be copied by the patron with the assistance of library staff. All such copying must be made on site or will be sent to authorized reprographic service centers. Any and all fees are the responsibility of the patron.
2.7 Special permission for extended use of material may be granted by the Library Director or Assistant Librarians.

3.0 Policy and Procedural Updates:
Policy clarification and procedural updates are available from the MBLWHOI Library.