Squid Fee

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. J. 1.7


Initiated by:Director, MRC
Approved by: MBL Director/CEO
Date: April 19, 1995
Revision:#2, March, 1996
Distribution:All Squid Users

1.0Policy Statement:
Recognizing that all squid users bear equal responsibility for some of the fixed expenses in the squid collection charter (i.e., the charter itself and the frequency of collections), but that additional costs are incurred depending upon the number and size of squid required, there is a mixed fee schedule that will more equitably allocate costs. The intent is either to charge a single basic fee to all users to defray fixed expenses, or to assess an additional per animal charge to represent the costs of the collection effort. Individauls may choose which payment schedule best accommodates their needs. Actual rates charged will be reviewed annually and adjusted as necessary.

Contact the Aquatic Resources Office (ext. 7455) for current fees and policy clarification and update.