Essential Personnel: Winter Storm Conditions

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. D.1.13.1

Addendum to Policy D.1.13

Initiated by:Facilities and Services Director
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:October 31, 1994
Revision: #5, March 28, 2005

Updated April 2013

1.0Category I Essential Personnel
Category I essential personnel for winter storm conditions are to report to work at prearranged times automatically. The first priority is to maintain safe conditions in parking lots, building entrances, and walkways. During the storm conditions, essential personnel are to take directions from the designated Winter Storm Supervisor. In most cases, this will be the Manager of Building Services, Transportation, and Grounds. There may be occasions when the essential personnel may be required to stay overnight at the MBL, due to unsafe travel conditions. In these cases, the MBL will provide meals and lodging at no cost to the essential personnel. If category I personnel cannot report to work during winter storm conditions, they are to contact the Winter Storm Supervisor, immediately by voice mail or by contacting Campus Security.

1.1Category I Essential Personnel are:
 Winter Storm Supervisor
Assistant Director of Facilities and Security
Head Caretaker
Campus Security coverage of switchboard

2.0Category II Essential Personnel:
Category II essential personnel are not to report to work automatically in a Winter Storm Condition (when the Lab is closed). However, these personnel are expected to report to the MBL when called upon. Category II personnel will be contacted as needed by the Winter Storm Supervisor. If a storm is in progress during normal working hours, Category II personnel may be asked to stay to assist Category I personnel after the MBL closes for the day.

2.1Category II Essential Personnel are:

All custodians
All POM Staff
All MRD Staff

3.0Special Note:
It is not the intention of the MBL that anyone place themselves in a situation where the potential of personal safety risk is high. It is incumbent upon each individual to make this assessment and communicate any concerns to the Winter Storm Supervisor.

4.0Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Facilities office.