The Surplus and Disposal of MBL Materials

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. D.1.12


Initiated by:Manager, Facilities, Services and Projects
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:October 31, 1994
Revision #:

MBL property is purchased with funds from several sources. This policy and procedure describes the methods of disposal for this equipment for:

1.1Equipment and materials purchased using General Operating Funds
1.2Equipment and materials purchased with Federal Grant funds from National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF) and falls under the criteria set forth from the Federal Government Office of Management and Budget in Circular A-110 dated November 29, 1993

This distinguishes equipment and materials that are not owned by the MBL or any of the laboratories, but is provided to the MBL for use.

It is the policy of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) to use all equipment and materials to its full cost effective end.

Equipment and materials that will no longer be used by a Department or Laboratory at the MBL will be declared “surplus” by the responsible individual. A responsible individual for the purpose of this policy/procedure is defined as an MBL Department Head or Principal Investigator (PI) for whom the equipment was purchased. Surplus equipment and materials will be identified by:

a.A responsible individual who will make the determination on their own, or
b.The Facilities and Services Manager who will post a notice requesting the identification of surplus equipment and materials. This will be done annually.

When equipment and materials have been declared surplus, the following steps must be followed for non-expendables:

3.1The responsible individual will prepare a list of the surplus equipment and present this to MBL Facilities Manager. The list should provide as much information as is practical to assist others in identifying possible uses for the equipment and materials including the MBL equipment inventory serial number, the estimated value of the individual equipment and materials and the method of determining that figure.

3.1.1The Facilities Manager will send a copy of lists to the Assistant Director of Information Systems when the list contains computers, printers or network equipment.

3.2With the assistance of MBL Purchasing Supervisor, the MBL Chemical Room Supervisor, and when appropriate, the Assistant Director of Information Systems, the Facilities Manager will attempt to transfer the equipment and materials to another Department or Laboratory that is in need of the equipment and materials. This will be done by advertising the equipment internally through written posted notice or personal contact.

3.2.1As a minimum, written notices will be posted on the bulletin board outside the Mail Room and at the Chem. Room window. These notices will be in the form as shown on the attachment and will remain posted for a minimum of one week.

3.3Equipment and materials that cannot be transferred, will then be advertised for sale.

3.3.1In the interest of cost effectiveness, damaged equipment and materials or equipment and materials that are worth less than $100 may not be included in this step.
3.3.2Equipment and materials that are offered for sale will be sold through competitive means to the extent practicable to gain the highest possible return.

3.4Remaining equipment and materials will be assessed by the Facilities Manager to determine the best method of disposal. Disposal methods may include gifts to other non-profit institutions, scrap metal dealers, hazardous waste generators, salvage of parts, and landfill discard.

All appropriate MBL inventory records shall be modified to reflect the final disposition of the equipment and materials.

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6.0Policy Clarification and Updates:
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