Visiting Investigator Laboratory and Office Space Rental

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. K.1.7

CASO Office

Initiated by: Director, Facilities Services & Projects
Approved by: Director/CEO
Date: December, 2007
Revision: #2, May 26, 2009
Distribution: MBL Community

1.0 Policy Statement:
The Marine Biological Laboratory seeks to provide a scientific environment for visiting scientists to conduct research.  To facilitate this research the Marine Biological Laboratory makes available laboratory and office space for rent to visiting scientists as defined in the Appointments and Promotions policy.

2.0 Laboratory and Office Space Rental Terms and Rates
This policy establishes laboratory and office space rental rates for all visiting scientific researchers and students and applies to all available laboratory and office spaces.

3.0 Objectives:

3.1 To provide guidelines for calculating peak season rentals (any 4 month period between April 1 and October 31) for both laboratory and office space.

3.2  To provide guidelines for calculating off season rentals (any time frame outside of the 4 month summer rental time frame) for both laboratory and office space.

4.0 Definitions:

4.1       Peak season rental:  Any 4 month period between April and October

4.2       Off season rental:  Months in addition to or outside xsummer rentalx time frame.

5.0 Calculation of Rates:

5.1 Peak season Rental
Peak season rental rates are determined annually by the CASO and the Chief Financial Officer.  The rate is expressed as a dollar amount per square foot of rental space for a four month period.  The new rate for the following year is determined in September and posted on the MBL website.  The rate is effective from the beginning of January to the end of December.

5.2 Off Season Rental
Off season rates will be calculated as follows:
Laboratory and office space will be charged at 2/3rd of the calculated monthly peak season rate per square foot

5.3 Off season storage in laboratory space
Visiting Researchers who wish to store their equipment and supplies in their rented space or otherwise reserve it or configure it such that it cannot be used for other purposes off season will be charged a lab storage/rental fee that is 1/3 the off season rental rate per square foot for the remainder of the year not covered by rental fees.

6.0 Authority of the CASO
The MBL CASO has the authority to make all necessary decisions relating to space allocation and rentals.

7.0 Disputes, Non-payments, Future Rentals

7.1 No future rentals will be approved or reappointment as a visiting scientist until full payment of arrears (anything over 90 days) has been received

7.2 Disputes should be addressed to the MBL CASO.

8.0 Policy Clarification and Updates
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Chief Academic and Scientific Office.