Washers/Dryers in Cottages

Marine Biological Laboratory
Policy No. F.1.4


Initiated by:Director of Housing and Conference Services
Approved by:MBL Director/CEO
Date:April 9, 1991
Revision:Reaffirmed February 7, 2005
Distribution:Director of Education, Superintendent of POM, Director of Facilities, Services and Projects

1.0Policy Statement:
It is the policy of the MBL not to install washers/dryers in MBL owned cottages.

2.0The septic systems are not designed to handle the additional load of a washing machine. Part of this is due to agreements with the Town of Falmouth to allow the MBL to construct shared cesspools.

3.0The MBL has made arrangements with an outside firm to provide washers/dryers in the laundry “Pilot” house.

4.0Policy Clarification and Updates:
Policy clarification and updates are available from the Housing Office.