Sick Time and FMLA

Leaves and Other Absences From Work

Injury, illness, pregnancy, disability, unexpected family situations – or any combination of these conditions – may result in a need for a leave of absence (paid or unpaid) or a temporary reduction in your work schedule.  That need may in turn trigger the need for the MBL to provide you with information on your rights and obligations under various state and federal laws that may be confusing to navigate.

In this section, the MBL’s policies on medical and personal absences, vacation and sick leave are grouped for your reference; in addition, we’ve included various state and federal legislative notices.  Should you need to request time off from work or a reduced work schedule that will extend beyond 5 days, complete an Application for Leave of Absence/Reduced Work Schedule (pdf) and forward to Human Resources; we will help you understand the policies, procedures and legislation that may apply.