VPN Upgrade

June 6th, 2013 @   - 

Tjunos_pulsehe MBL IT Department has implemented a new VPN (Virtual Private Network) system. This new system is currently online and available at https://vpn.mbl.edu. To use the system – login with your MBL Single-Sign-On Credentials. You have the option to download the new VPN application. If you only require VPN to access internal web resources such as the “Timecard” and “Time and Effort Reporting” systems you can do so directly from the main page and will not need to download the application. “Remote desktop” access and fileserver access will require use of the application.

Mobile Devices:
There is also an App available for smart phones and tablets called “Junos Pulse”. This app can be downloaded directly to your devices through the corresponding app store (iTunes & Google Play). This version will also give you access to the MBL “Timecard” and “Time and Effort Reporting” web pages directly from your device.

Both systems will be up simultaneously until June 21 to allow users to transition to the new VPN system. After June 21 the URLhttps://vpn.mbl.edu will point to the new system as well.

Instructions are available for installing the software on the IT Website (http://www.mbl.edu/it/itservices/network/vpn/). Resource access is restricted by role and necessity. If you find that you do not have access to all of the internal resources that you require or have trouble installing the new application please contact the MBL IT Helpdesk via x7654, helpdesk@mbl.edu or logging in to the Help Desk system directly.

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