LinkedIn Phishing Email Scam

August 22nd, 2013 @   - 

Please be advised that a new LinkedIn Phishing Email is on going. If you receive an email that looks similar to the message below please delete right away and report it the Information Technology


Maria Adriana Lamounier wants to connect with you on LinkedIn.
Maria Adriana Lamounier
Sonographer at Covenant Maternal-Fetal         View Profile
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This email was intended for Lindsay Nelson (Student at Pensacola State College). Learn why we included this. 2012, LinkedIn Corporation. 2029 Stierlin Ct. Mountain View, CA 94043, USA


What is Phishing?

Fraudsters may use a practice called phishing to obtain sensitive data like usernames, passwords, and credit card information. They impersonate legitimate companies or people, sending emails and links that direct people to false websites.

  • Please use caution when clicking or opening emails, seemingly from sites you trust.
  • Fraudsters try to mimic legitimate emails, but they often make mistakes like typos or include information that’s not relevant to you. Be suspicious of emails that include names you don’t recognize.
  • Keep in mind that a site like LinkedIn would never ask you to open an email attachment or install a software update.
  • If you get an email that seems suspicious or is from a person or company you don’t know, we advise you not to open any attachments or click any links.
  • Before clicking on a link in an email, move your cursor over the link to verify that they direct to the appropriate site.

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