Computer Resource Puchasing Policy

Policy No. H.2.4

Information Systems

Marine Biological Laboratory

Purchasing of Computer Resources by MBL Staff and Researchers


Initiated by:                                Director, Information Systems Division

Approved by:                              MBL Computer Advisory Committee, MBL Director/CEO

Date:                                         August 29, 1994

Revision:                                    July 23, 2001

Distribution:                                All Users of the MBL Network

1.0    Policy Statement:

Since the MBL is working toward a standard of easy access to information using the existing

network infrastructure, we recommend that employees and scientific staff check with ISD to

make sure that the purchase is compatible with the network standards, hardware and locally

supported software.

2.0   Procedure:

2.1    Administrative Staff must contact ISD for assistance in configuring new computers

and printers prior to placing a Purchase Order.

2.2    Scientific Staff may contact ISD for assistance in configuring or specifying computer

equipment or software. Assistance of up to one hour for this purpose will be provided

free of ISD labor rate charge.

3.0   Rationale:

3.1    It is important that computers for administrative use be compatible with existing server

requirements, and that they be supportable under the current technical and support


3.2   ISD staff has the experience necessary to research and recommend hardware and

software to fit users needs. ISD works with computers across the entire Institution,

and is aware who provides the best service, what machines are the most reliable, and

what detailed specifications are required for most needs. Professional relationships

with vendors help to find the best solutions at the mose reasonable cost

3.3    ISD works closely with the Purchasing department and vendors to insure specific

MBL needs are considered.

3.4    Because the ISD staff has a global overview of the present MBL computer systems

and networks, it is in the best position to ensure administrative staff are purchasing

hardware and software that will operate correctly with the MBL servers and network.

4.0    Policy Updates:

Policy clarification and updates are available from the Information Systems Division.

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Need Help?

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