iOS Add Email Account as Exchange

The benefit to using the option of adding your MBL Email account as an Exchange configuration is that you will be able to also sync your MBL Contacts and Calendar. You will also benefit from only having to change your password in one place on your device.
1) Select “Settings” from the home screen
2) Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” for the left navigation

3) Select “Add Account”

4) Select “Microsoft Exchange”

5) Enter your Email Address, Password, a brief logical description for the account, and then Select “Next”

6) Enter the Server, Domain, and Username information and Select “Next”
Username: This is your MBL Single-Sign-On Username

7) Toggle the services that you wish to sync and Select “Save”
Mail = On
Contacts = This will sync your zimbra contacts and include the MBL Global Address Book in your contact searches
Calendars = This will sync your personal MBL Calendar. This does not include Calendars that are shared to you.
Reminders = On or Off

This completes the setup process.
You can adjust your personal mail display preferences after the account is setup by navigating back to the Account through Settings>Mail, Contacts, and Calendars> Select Account

Need Help?

Need Help?

Contact the Help Desk by phone at 508-289-7654 or via email at (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., M-F, closed on MBL Holidays).