MBL Spam System

mail_frontierIf you have an MBL Email Address every morning you will receive a message from the MBL’s Corporate Spam System with a summary of all the Questionable Spam Messages that were sent to your email account in the last 24 hours. If your account did not receive any Spam in the last 24 hours you will not receive a Spam Summary from the system. You can sign into this system any time you wish to manage your spam settings or view current messages that the system caught at https://mailfrontier.mbl.edu with your MBL Single-Sign-On Credentials. This is the MBL’s first line of defense against spam. Spam messages are a constantly changing threat so to help us keep up with new types of messages you can forward the messages that make it through the Spam System to spam@mbl.edu.

If you have any trouble logging into the system or viewing/unjunking your spam messages please contact the MBL IT Helpdesk.