(Virtual Private Network)

The MBL offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client application that is available for Staff and Researchers that need to connect to MBL Network Resources from off campus. To connect to the MBL VPN you must have a valid MBL Single-Sign-On Username and Password as well as the appropriate privileges. If you do not currently have access to the MBL VPN you can submit a IT Helpdesk Request and someone will contact you shortly regarding your inquiry.

Upon logging into the VPN you will have immediate access to MBL Intranet Sites such as the Timecard and Time and Effort reporting Sites directly from the VPN Home Page. You do not need to download and install the VPN Client Application to access these sites. The VPN Client Application is only needed to access internal network devices and resources from off campus. Based on the permissions that you have the client may not be immediately available to you after logging into the VPN Site.

For Instructions on how to connect to the MBL VPN please click on the link that corresponds to the operating system on which you wish to install the VPN

Apple OS
Windows 7