The Marine Biological Laboratory now offers Internet Connectivity via eduroam. The MBL is both an Identity Provider as well as a Service Provider of the “eduroam” network. The “eduroam” SSID provides limited access to MBL Internal Network Resources. If you are an MBL employee or staff member you will likely want to connect to the MBL-REGISTER wireless network to ensure that you have access to all the internal network resources that you need.
What is eduroam?
eduroam” is secure wireless network where users can connect using their Single-Sign-On Credentials from their home institution anywhere on the globe where the “eduroam” wireless network is offered. Internet resources that are available on the “eduroam” network are based on the specifications defined by the eduroam Initiative. If you find that there is a Internet resource that is not accessible via the “eduroam” SSID at the MBL that you feel should be available please contact the MBL IT Helpdesk for assistance.
Where can you “eduroam”?
The eduroam network can be accessed at participating institutions and select Hotspots around the world. Once you have successfully joined “eduroam” with your device you can connect anywhere “eduroam” is offered. If you are visiting the MBL and would like to connect to the “eduroam” network please check to see if your Home Institution is an eduroam Identity Provider.
Click Here to view the map of participating institutions world wide.
How to Connect?
If you are an MBL Employee or Researcher with valid MBL Single-Sign-On Credentials you have the ability to connect anywhere that the “eduroam” network is offered.
Steps to Connect…
1) Select the “eduroam” SSID from the list of available wireless networks
2) When prompted for credentials enter your Username in the following format “”.
3) When prompted to Verify the Security Certificate select “Continue”
4) You are now connected
The “eduroam” wireless profile that you create on your computer or device will work any where you go that the “eduroam” wireless service is offered. MBL IT recommends that you set up your profile on your device before traveling in case IT assistance is required. If you are visiting the MBL from another institution please follow the posted instructions and enter your authentication credentials in the following format “username@home_instution” and your corresponding password.
For additional information on the “eduroam” initiative you can visit the “eduroam” site.