Your MBL Single-Sign-On Password can be managed by going to Your password will expire one year from the time that it was changed last. You can update your password at any time.

Instructions for updating passwords on your portable devices can be found here

Your MBL Single-Sign-On Password must conform to the following constraints:

  • Minimal length: 8
  • Maximal length: 14
  • Minimal lower characters: 1
  • Minimal upper characters: 1
  • Minimal digits: 1
  • Minimal special characters: ! * $ % # : 1
  • Forbidden characters: \\&()`’\/|”\s+={}.\][<>
  • Your new password may not be the same as your last 2 passwords
  • May not contain words commonly found in the dictionary

Need Help?

Need Help?

Contact the Help Desk by phone at 508-289-7654 or via email at (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., M-F, closed on MBL Holidays).